That rattles in the center of Voronezh?


From unknown explosions shaking windows in the apartments, and the alarm is on cars. Photo: Vladimir Lavrov

6.04.11.Segodnya, April 6, about 11 hours of Voronezh were shocking strange explosions. Concerned readers called the office and asked to find out what was going on.

At intervals of 5 seconds, something rattles in the center of the city. The houses are shaking the glass, the car in the yard alarm is triggered. The sound of explosions heard in the village even Shilov.

As we found out reporters "E!" Today at the site "Pogonovo", which is located 30 kilometers from Voronezh, resumed work on the destruction of ammunition with expired shelf life.

An explosion at this site "Mine!" Wrote more than once. Disposal of ammunition "Pogonovo" has been going on for over a year and is still causing indignation among many residents of the neighboring communities ..

Voronezh garrison military prosecutor has held checks on citizens' complaints. In summer it issued an instruction to reduce power pledged charges. The military reported: power charges reduced by half, and demolition work moved into the landfill. However, as revealed this morning, thunder became even stronger.

— Today in "Pogonovo" was planned destruction of shells, — said Deputy Military Prosecutor Alexander Taldykin Voronezh garrison. — But in a city can not be heard explosions. It is 30 kilometers from the city.

In the opinion, the assistant prosecutor, probably in undermining the ice. And in the city heard these explosions. However, the Office of Civil Defense and Emergencies we explained that no ice is not undermined.

— Estimated parameters of the blasts, which were provided initially met — said Commander of the Western Military District Andrei Bobrun. — This was strictly monitored and daily reporting to the district headquarters.

Yet today's power blasts, which shocked residents and promised to check. Asked when recycling stop, Andrei Bobrun said: "This is a government program that determines the time. Its task — secure storage and databases, which store ammunition and are in close proximity to human settlements. In order to exclude the case that took place in Ulyanovsk. I can say this year the destruction will be performed. "?

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