The surgeon, who refused the scalpel and antibiotics




MD, a surgeon with more than 50 years of experience Vasily Nikitivich corporals never chased for no loud glory, not for high ranks and awards, for no widely known. Meanwhile, the cause to which he devoted most of his life, deserves the highest recognition. However, because of their natural modesty it on what does not apply. He says he saved thanks to the people — the highest award for him. In this case, Corporals primarily has in mind is not successfully operated their patients, and those who use it managed to avoid surgery. The fact is that, while still operating surgeon, he began to actively oppose the use of a scalpel in general surgery. His motto is "More to treat smaller cut" was based on a technique he developed a comprehensive treatment of many diseases exclusively by natural means: hydrotherapy, special diets, ointments and salves from herbs and massage. The list of diseases that Corporals heals without a scalpel and antibiotics include gangrene of the lower extremities, thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, elephantiasis, erysipelas, arthritis, arthritis, inflammation of the lung, prostate adenoma, and many others.

I am grateful for the fact that for 15 years after the end of medical school and learned the secrets of medicine away from the hustle of urban: rural hospitals, rural quiet. Those years were my best universities, academies and laboratories, years of trial and error, it was the alma mater of my life. Rural medicine has taught me to love nature, to understand and to know her, to apply in practice, not a scalpel and chemistry, and use natural resources. But most importantly, rural medicine has taught me to love people. I am convinced that the doctor who does not have these qualities, however high he may possess professionalism, not even close to the patient should not be approached, much less has no right to treat him.

Back to Nature
NOW in medicine two ways. First, knurled for many decades: sneezed — an antibiotic, flushed — cut, turned blue — cut off. The result — the tears, blood, mutilated bodies. The second way many unjustly forgotten: this is a wise use of traditional medicine, with its soft, gentle effect on the body, with its mercy and compassion for the man.

Frankly, I did not immediately began to think about it. The first time was acting like all my colleagues at the Ministry of Health approved the scheme: cut and cut, prescribed clips tablets, injections with antibiotics. I must admit, even my master's thesis was on the surgical treatment of patients with a scalpel. However, every time after the next operation, I felt a huge disappointment if people could not return to a full life.

I remember one day, passing by the operating room, where he operated a colleague of mine, I went into pre-op, and I was like lightning pierced. In a large basin lying female leg amputated. Its vessels still pulsing, a trickle of blood ran down. She, the leg still continued to live in agony as it was moaning, saying goodbye to life. I'm a surgeon, not just faced with human suffering, stood rooted to the spot. I suddenly imagined what will happen to this woman obeznozhennuyu. We doctors have made her an invalid, deprived of happiness to walk, to dance, to wear pretty high heels feel like a complete woman.

Yes, I cut off the limbs, the abdomen was opened, operated and removed the various organs. And always it was a shock — both for the patient and for me as a physician. The imperfection of our medicine is not bugging me. So I clung to every opportunity to find a way out of these dramatic situations. A way out was one — to give up a scalpel.

Thinking over what is to replace it, I remembered the words of the famous French educator Jean-Jacques Rousseau: "Back to Nature" — and decided to bet on the natural ability of the human body, not to the knife and antibiotics. Many times I was convinced that our body's reserves are inexhaustible. He is able to fight for its very existence. Got a splinter in your finger — and around the pus is produced immediately: this is taken care of white blood cells that the foreign body came from a finger without the use of a scalpel. People ate poor quality food — in the vomiting center receives the appropriate signal: there is a gag reflex by which a person is released from the body encountering poison.

Nature helps us as he can. The person should just learn to properly manage the body during illness. A doctor needs to help him. To activate the body's reserves of rich life, inherent nature, is not necessarily cut and cut off some parts of the body. Any surgical intervention, as well as antibiotics — is an unnatural process, it is violence against nature, a part of which is man. Not by chance after removal of an organ nature begins to take revenge for the broken relationship of the human body and nature. As a rule, after the operation appear phantom pain, adhesions, abscesses, postoperative hernia and many more.

Of course, without a scalpel in some cases not enough. It is necessary, for example when you want to remove the tumor, wen to restore the severed limb. At the same time, as shown by my long-standing practice, the use of a scalpel in inflammation often leads to quite opposite results. So enjoy these simple, tried and tested by generations of surgeons instrument reasonably necessary, applying it only when it has to.

Drug disease
MAN itself reduces your life by many addictions. Alcohol, nicotine, drugs, inactivity, overeating — all our killer. But no less insidious and potent tool that reduces the duration of our lives, have antibiotics. Unfortunately, many people are so used to them, we are convinced that without pills or impossible to get rid of a disease. Painfully disappointing that people are actively using pharmacy and seek refuge in the chemotherapy drugs, instead of the correct operation of the unlimited potential of the organism.

We physicians often find ourselves in a difficult position. Come on, say, welcome to the attending physician granny with pills in a plastic bag. Them from it somewhat. In a little yellow lie in the other — little blue in the third — reds. She and some of their names really do not know: aspirin called Pirin, no-silos — louse, Vishnevsky ointment — cherry cream. But she believes in their miraculous power and does not go to the doctor as long as he does not write out her recipes for yellow ones or little green pills that she had come to an end. She takes these pills daily handfuls. Lose it at least one bag of pills — immediately come to mind, because disbelieved: tablets — her life, her salvation.

Meanwhile, special studies have shown that antibiotic use causes irreparable damage to the body. In recent years, the growth of cardiovascular disease and cancer was caused precisely by the use of antibiotics. We doctors should explain to people that, using chemotherapy, they make themselves disabled. However, most of my colleagues did not consider it their duty to do so. In contrast, doctors often give in to their patients by writing to them at their request, a lot of drugs that, in the opinion of the patients, supposedly improve their health.

In this case, a person receiving a large amount of drugs directly from many diseases, often affecting the so-called disease drug, accompanied by various complications. The most common complication is an allergic disease. The most common ones — asthma, angioedema, urticaria, etc. The signs of these diseases, which develop in patients receiving large amounts of antibiotics, there instantly. They may be accompanied and symptoms such as a change in the composition of blood, itching, fever. Other drugs have an effect in a few days or even weeks: serum sickness, allergic vasculitis, arthritis, lymphadenitis, liver, kidney, heart, etc.

One of the most feared complications of pills — anaphylactic shock, characterized by suffocation, fall in blood pressure, abdominal pain, vomiting. Often there are so-called lightning-shaped shock from sudden cardiac arrest and breathing. Not surprisingly, at the same time with an increase range of domestic and foreign chemotherapy increased the number of complications associated with their reception. Moreover, there are cases when these complications are fatal.

The thousand-year experience of traditional medicine has shown that nature has created a rich arsenal of tools that can treat a person to maintain and strengthen its health without the murderous consequences of the use of chemotherapy. You can give thousands of examples of people without resorting to pills and hospitals, and even healed themselves from serious illnesses diet, herbs, cold water massages. I'll tell you about how drug-free treatment of certain diseases.

How to avoid constipation
Many people do not attach importance to his chair, do not pay attention to frequent constipation. A constipation — is the enemy of health. After all, as a result of constipation in the body is the accumulation of faeces, resulting in a huge dose of the blood sucked the poison.

Typically, constipation cause the development of hemorrhoids. But the biggest danger is that after long constipation may occur tissue regeneration and there are all conditions for the development of cancer rectum and sigmoid colon. Dangerous constipation thrombophlebitis: vain attempts at long blood clot can break off and get to the heart or the lungs.

Therefore, if sluggish bowels, to help him escape. Avoid Constipation can be a reasonable power: Exclude meat, lard, butter, sour cream, eat more fruits and vegetables. Eat 2-3 times daily soups. Daily morning drink a glass of cold water and 1-2 tbsp. spoons of unrefined olive oil: it prevents aging of the skin, making it soft and supple. Before going to bed regularly eat boiled and grated raw beets with vegetable oil. Beetroot — the queen of vegetables on the effects on the intestine. Often it is compared with a broom, which "sweeps" carcinogens, causing cancer of the colon.

Live without a hemorrhoid
LONG constipation usually cause hemorrhoids. This disease affects the lion's share of our fellow citizens who have reached the age of maturity. Fortunately, the kids do not know what hemorrhoids. They do not know the condition. But the prevention of hemorrhoids should start doing it since childhood by teaching the child to the intimate hygiene. But the skills learned in childhood, are fixed for life.

Under intimate hygiene means the content in impeccable cleanliness of the body, and above all — the anus. And in children and adults should get into the habit following procedure. Every morning should be thoroughly washed with soap and water anus and groin. After using the toilet recommend using a soft paper. It is extremely dangerous tight: it hurts the loose skin around the rectum, and perienteric microbes penetrate the tissue, which can lead to paraproctitis.

Even better, if you can not even use toilet paper and wash with cold water after using the toilet and soap. It is advisable to keep a stream of cold water directly on the anus, as if massaging it with water. The same procedure should be done at night. If all this is done regularly, a person suffering from hemorrhoids, forget the accompanying excruciating pain and the inevitable set operations, and the one who does not know what is hemorrhoids, never ever know about it.

Eat less, move more
Frequently, surgeons remove some part of the human leg due to gangrene of the lower extremity. Why did it come from? The most common cause of gangrene are stress, skin injury during a pedicure, wearing tight shoes, and especially — cooling the feet, as well as alcohol abuse and smoking. To recognize you threatening disease crutches regularly to very carefully inspect their feet. If there were pains in the toe, swelling and redness — it is possible that creeps gangrene. Caught in the cold and nearly froze his feet, experienced a lot of stress — quickly take action.

After all these "accidents" the first thing to do — to restore the disturbed circulation. To do this warm bath of nettles, dry mustard, turpentine and massage. No need to hover your feet in hot water — it is dangerous and may increase thrombosis. Wear loose shoes, it will also help you to avoid gangrene. To improve blood circulation feet should be washed daily in cold water and rub-hot towel. And as soon as possible to go on a diet.

In order that the vessels were in good condition, it is necessary to comply with this rule: move more and eat less. Do not eat animal fat, they are rich in cholesterol, which is being postponed within the vessels, and their lumen narrows creates conditions for the development of gangrene. Gradually give up salt and sugar — this is truly white death. Instead of sugar, use honey instead of salt — seasoning of onion and garlic.

In order to keep to a ripe old age, arterial blood vessels elastic, it is necessary to exclude bad habits. I know, it's hard to break your lifestyle, lose loved ones sharp and savory feasts with alcohol and cigarette. But it must be done for the sake of their own health.

Discard foods that are rich in cholesterol: bacon, butter, fatty meat, sour cream, cream, muffins, egg yolks. Systematically drink low-fat (preferably 1% bonus) milk. Necessarily every day to eat 1 tbsp. spoonful of honey (instead of sugar) and 2-3 cloves of garlic. This diet will clear your intoxicated vessels. Every day eat 1-2 tbsp. spoons of unrefined vegetable oil, carrots, cabbage (unsalted). Permission is granted to 1 day a week to eat a small piece of lean meat, sometimes allowed to pamper yourself a kebab of lean meat with a table wine.

For the benefit of your blood vessels will:

wholemeal rye bread;

fresh vegetables, steamed, boiled;

salad of fresh cabbage, green onions, garlic, seaweed;

porridge of oatmeal, cereal;

beans, peas, beans;

low-fat dairy products, skim milk, yogurt, acidophilus milk, low-fat cheese;

vegetable juices.
Eat apples all year round. No wonder the English proverb says, "Kohl apples for dinner, the doctor does not need it."

Gangrene primarily threatens to someone who is prone to inactivity. Sedentary lifestyle inevitably sooner or later will lead you to disaster. Movement — this is life, this is the best exercises for vessels. Use every opportunity to walk: it improves blood circulation, refreshes the cells of your body. Less use the elevator: walking up the stairs — a great workout your blood vessels and heart. To run you can not always choose the time and climb on foot to the upper floors — this procedure does not require specially allotted time, uniforms, although the use of it is the same as on the run. Stairs — the best trainer.

Here are a few tips. Do not injure the foot, not overcool them, do not trim the toenails short, do not wear tight shoes, do not sit in a cross-legged posture to avoid compression of the popliteal artery. You should avoid even mild stress. During times of stress, cholesterol plaques as a "stick" to the vessels, and the blood does not flow to the legs.

Discard the most important "gravediggers" — alcohol and nicotine. They deprive men not only the feet, but also make them impotent. Remember that alcohol and cigarettes at one end — the pleasure, on the other — a tragedy. These "Merry" narrows the arterial vessels so that the blood ceases to flow not only to the foot but also to the genitals. To maintain a full life you have to be ruthless to his in a diet, mode and you will not face the prospect remain crippled forgotten the woman he loved.

Train yourself to go barefoot, using every opportunity, every climates: in the country, at home, on the balcony — even in winter. More often walk along the river bank near the water on the sand, gravel. It is much more useful than lying motionless. Foot — a special part of the body where a high concentration of nerve endings and receptors. While walking barefoot through it stops we get an influx of new forces from the bowels of the earth. After stops our body is fueled by negative ions missing him, and with them, and electrical energy.

Went barefoot many brilliant people: Socrates, Seneca, Pericles, Bernard Shaw, Leo Tolstoy. Attached great importance to walking barefoot as a method of hardening German bishop healer Sebastian Kneipp. He said: "Every step barefoot — an extra minute of life" and "The best shoes — is the lack of shoes."

Appendicitis should "know in person"
SOMETIMES doctors are reinsured by sending a person under the knife. Very often it happens with suspected appendicitis. Ill patient's stomach — doctor immediately forward it to the surgical ward. Why doctors are so afraid of appendicitis? Because appendix located in the dome area caecum which is the beginning of the colon. Its contents — is an abundance of toxins and other intestinal poisons. If there comes a perforated appendix, we can begin a severe peritonitis, which often ends in death.

To avoid a possible perforation of the appendix doctors often as it would in any case are removed. And do not even think much about whether it can be saved. And after all, it would seem the simplest surgery for removal of the appendix is fraught with a number of complications.

This complication of the wound, and acute inflammation of the abdominal cavity and respiratory complications (bronchitis, pneumonia, pleurisy, lung abscesses and gangrene), and complications of gastrointestinal (dynamic obstruction, acute mechanical obstruction, intestinal fistula, gastrointestinal intestinal bleeding), and complications of the cardiovascular system (heart and vascular insufficiency, thrombophlebitis, pylephlebitis, pulmonary embolism), and complications of urinary system (urinary retention, acute cystitis, acute nephritis, acute pyelitis, acute pielotsistit), and other complications ( acute mumps, postoperative psychosis, jaundice).

In contrast to gangrene, which often becomes the cause of hypothermia, the appendix can become inflamed as in the Karakum Desert in 50-degree heat, and at the North Pole at 70 degrees of frost. Inflammation of the appendix also depends on whether you eat or starve polbarana six months. It can become inflamed when descending into the mine or while climbing Mount Everest. Still, the appendix becomes inflamed often after constant heavy meal and a wide wine-vodka party.

To avoid surgery, everyone must know the symptoms that point to the development of appendicitis, and ways of providing pre-hospital care. The emergence of the first abdominal pain is not standard, but still more often they begin in the epigastric region and are accompanied by a slight nausea. After a while the pain spread throughout the abdomen and gradually descend into the right iliac region. There is a weakness as a result of intoxication.

In order not to get on the operating table, you should know what steps should be taken when you have pain. Once a stomach ache, you need to stop eating, drinking more water on the lower abdomen to put a towel folded in two layers and soaked in cold water and change it every 20 minutes to keep still. Before the arrival of the doctor repeatedly measure the temperature of the body — the figure for the doctor is very important. Vomiting may occur and delay gas and stool.

It is strictly forbidden to wash stomach, do a cleansing enema, put a hot water bottle. No tablets and antibiotics. If there was even a renal colic (pain in the lower back radiating to the groin area), I recommend to keep the chill on his stomach until the doctor arrived.

If an attack of appendicitis has passed, that is, abdominal pain disappeared, the temperature returned to normal, without shivering and growing weakness, urination and stool is normal, but the doctor has diagnosed "appendicitis", you have the right to refuse to remove the appendix. But we need 3-5 days to continue to keep the cold on his stomach, hungry, thirsty and more profusely sweating.

In the fight for the preservation of the gallbladder
The gall bladder also fell out of favor with the doctors. Its just like the appendix, as if pursuing the enemy of the people. Once you complain of pain in the right upper quadrant, you are immediately taken to the surgical ward. And there is the famous sentence: to the "highest degree" that is under the knife. But after gall bladder — it's not a wart on the skin, and the most important organ. After removing it appear dire complications significantly impair quality of life. The motto of every physician in such situations should be the principle that all forces in the fight for the preservation of the body.

But not only the surgeon responsible for removing the gallbladder. Creates the conditions for the operation the patient, since it was he who contributes to inflammation of the gall bladder stone formation. This is — the systematic use of animal fats, including fatty types of meat, bacon, eggs, smoked meats, cheese, butter. If diagnosed with cholecystitis and even more so with stones, immediately go to a vegetarian diet. Removes toxins, as they were the cause of your illness. Remove the cause of the disease — and the stones themselves can disappear!

How to identify an attack of cholecystitis? Appear in the right upper quadrant pain radiating to the right shoulder, neck, right, nausea and even vomiting, sometimes with bile, the temperature rises to 37-380s and above. When tapping into the right upper quadrant there was a huge pain. The eyes may have a slight yellowness of the sclera.

In the case of acute cholecystitis recommendations for the patient are the same as for the attack of appendicitis: cold, quiet, sweating, hunger, drinking plenty of fluids, special diet to rid the body of toxins, mucus, toxins. In order to avoid surgery, if you have pain in the right upper quadrant immediately stop eating and rushed to the upper part of the stomach to put in two layers of towel soaked in cold water. Change it every 20 minutes. Drink more fluids to flush out toxins, infections. Lie still. Sweat more. Strictly prohibited gastric lavage, cleansing enemas, attachment heaters with hot water.

In order to avoid surgery — cholecystectomy, urgently proceed to cleanse the body of toxins, go to the lacto-vegetarian diet, take at least 1-2 times a week cleansing enemas at night once a week to arrange a 24-36-hour fasting. Be sure to take sweatshops means for removing toxins through the skin (tincture of flowers elderberry, raspberry jam).

Delayed-action mine
Along with the so-called diseases of the century hernia is the most common. Hernias are acquired and congenital. The doctor is obliged to correct the mistakes of nature, that is to operate congenital hernia, and all acquired hernias (inguinal, femoral, umbilical, etc.), the physician should warn. In addition, in order to avoid shock situations the physician should teach a person self-management: how to conduct a survey of the whole body, how to massage those areas, from whence come the hernia. Self-massage helps to strengthen the tone of the muscles, ligaments, improves blood circulation, prevents the appearance of hernias.

Particular attention should be paid to the ischial and perineal hernia. I'm sorry for those women who are already for 40 years running a huge amount of fat. It puts pressure on the ligaments and muscles of the pelvic floor, and gradually formed a hernia. Through the hernial opening out female genital organs: the uterus, vagina, and rectum. As a result of a beautiful mature woman in the prime of becoming disabled.

All this can be avoided if the daily diet, do exercises for the muscles of the pelvic floor. To strengthen the muscles and ligaments of the pelvis, to prevent the ischial and perineal hernias recommend daily for 5-7 minutes to do the exercise "bicycle" (rotational movement of your feet, simulating riding a bike), and a few times, depending on your physical ability to perform the rise torso from a lying position on the back — first with and then — without using their hands.

If there was a hernia, immediately contact your doctor to confirm the diagnosis and start treatment immediately, without waiting for treatment will undertake a scalpel. I offer you such a method:

first in the prone position to make the place a warm towel out hernia (hernia after steaming it hard edges softened);

then for 15 minutes promassirovat hernial warm water (37 ° C) soap;

procedure carried out 2 times a day, morning and evening for a month.
The heat from the towel and massage soap gradually soften thick edge hernia hernial opening and closing. During treatment should avoid what is the cause of hernia: cough, sudden movements, constipation and gas accumulation in the intestine, lifting heavy and large loads.

Inspect your body to "catch" a hernia in the early stages of its development. Remember that the hernia — a time bomb. Pinching her can happen anytime, anywhere, and then select will not be — only operation. So do not let the mine to explode. Try to defuse it in time.

Your health is in your hands
SAY healthy beggar happier ailing King. Indeed, health — around the head. Enhance and preserve this natural gift — a process quite manageable. People can be quite healthy. The health of every man — in his hands. Modern man can not consider yourself educated, cultured, not having learned the culture of health. A culture of health is determined primarily by the ability to live without harming your body and bringing him a favor. This is the truth. But each must assimilate it and learn to follow it in their daily lives.

Well-known Russian philosopher DI Pisarev said: "The reasonable man's efforts should be directed not to ensure that the repair and caulk your body as a fragile boat, and to ensure that the conduct of such a way of life in which the body as little as possible to come to a disordered state, and therefore, as little as possible would need a fix. " How to disagree with that?

Not so easy to arouse a desire to do their daily health. However, remember that your health is to you only. To inspire yourself and repeat it all the time: "I want to be healthy, every day I'll be working on your health and body. Health — is a great happiness. I want to be healthy and happy. "

Really, is not this happiness — to be free from disease man! Just think, if you are healthy, you do not need to seek the help of doctors, run by pharmacies to pay for treatment through the nose. Often put themselves in the place the patient, who is forced to spend part of his life in a hospital bed in a ward of people suffering from terrible pain and exposed to daily injections, dressings, operations. In the House before your eyes people die. You hear the groans and cries of patients during dressings … depressing picture, is not it? So do your best not to get into such a situation.


The sun, air, water, plants, trees, vegetable crops — a whole pantry of health. We just do not know how to use it. See the animals at the time of illness. We would do well to learn something from them. Falling sick, they immediately completely refuse to eat and drink all the time. They find themselves herbal wound heal his saliva, are actively using air and sun baths. Thus, the animals during the illness include instinctively given to them by nature reflex of self-preservation, and the health of the person goes to a pharmacy or hospital.


The cause of many diseases is slagging of the organism. If a man does not take his cleansing, the consequences can be irreversible: the heart may stop your feet may turn black and will need to amputation, your ears will be hearing aid in her eyes — points. Everyone knows that the car is periodically placed on the inspection and cleaning of the apartments is done. The body also needs regular cleaning. If a person will adhere to a vegetarian diet, do at least 1-2 times a week cleansing enemas, and once a week to arrange a 24-hour fasting, no he will not need a doctor.

Come to think of your health, not only when you have something hurts somewhere. Take care of him all the time. For maintaining the health and vitality of normal you do not need any superhuman effort. To be healthy, everyone just needs to develop its own individual set of physical exercises according to their physical abilities, every day to take a cool shower, eat, go barefoot more often, to comply with intimate hygiene. Do not be lazy to perform these simple guidelines. Remember that just laziness makes 40-year-old man in an old man.

Natalia ROSTOV

AIF Health 23.2004

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