Trolleybuses with battery is scheduled to Chita

Trans-Baikal Territory Government expects in 2013 to organize in Chita first trolleybus line in the Novosibirsk cars with batteries with more autonomous way, which will connect to the station of the regional center of the holiday village on the outskirts of Smolenka, told RIA Novosti on Monday, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Kholmogorov.

"The meeting on the possibilities of using trolley with a large self-contained course held last week. Capabilities of the new machine is the general director of the Novosibirsk" Sibeltransservis "Sergei Parfenov. Was decided to purchase the first of its trolley for 8.5 million rubles, which hosted in 2013 will be processed the route from the station to Smolenka "- said Kholmogorov.

According to him, the capacity produced in Novosibirsk trolley is 103 passengers, speed — up to 60 kilometers per hour at full load machines can take place without a contact network of up to 70 kilometers. Batteries are charged while driving under the catenary. Kinetic energy in the braking torque is converted into electricity and also goes to recharge the batteries. Battery life in new buses, depending on the operating conditions, is from 7 to 13 years.

"The application of new machines can extend existing Chita trolleybus routes for 40-50 miles without building contact and cable lines and traction substations. Maintenance on one route will need six cars," — said the deputy prime minister.

Following the meeting, Mayor of Chita, Chita district administration and village Smolenka been instructed to work on the organization of a new trolleybus route until December 10. Calculations of economic efficiency must be made by December 20 trolleybus management experts together with scientists Transbaikal State University.

Park Municipal Enterprise Cheats "Trolley Control" has 94 trolleybus. In 2013, the City Council for the first time in decades will receive 24 new cars that park management will update immediately by 25%. Trolley buses and taxis (about 1.3 thousand minivans) are the main public transport in Chita, a population of about 300,000 people.

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