UFO: from Dnepropetrovsk to Lviv

Unusual phenomenon that falls under the "UFO phenomenon", was recorded last May 23 in the evening in the night sky of the city. This is stated in the online version of the newspaper "Express" from 24.05.2012 year. According to the newspaper, a rather large fireball streaked across the sky, as it seemed visually, at a low enough orbit. Mysterious object was moving from west to east, pausing from time to time in place.

The source said that it happened at approximately 21.50. UFO seen in the streets and Gorodetsky Levandovki-Petlyury.

"I saw it swept over neighboring houses. In appearance it was a big ball of light, as if the moon was cut a large circle. It was nothing but light. How big lantern in the sky — one of the witnesses. — The most interesting thing, when I tried to capture it on video, my touchscreen smartphone simply refused to listen to me, until the object disappeared from view. Although, maybe it's a coincidence. "

A day earlier, on May 22 at 22.10 something similar drawn the sky over the Dnepropetrovsk. Eyewitnesses saw a rapid flight of the object, in the Avenue of Truth should be immediately reported to the hotline "UFODOS-Kiev". Unfortunately, the activation of observation posts in the region could not confirm the words of eyewitnesses — raised for five minutes "on call" 4 eyewitness from different parts of Dnepropetrovsk … nothing in the sky have not seen.

Source: ufodos.org.ua

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