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The meteorite fell 15.02.2013 Kamensk-Uralsk and Chelyabinsk


Date May 28, 2004
Place of observation: Chelyabinsk
Observation time: from 19:05 to 19:20
Observation conditions: Clear cloudless sky. In the direction of observation of objects and the Moon are no obstacles in the form of trees were not. The moon was observed clearly and at an elevation of about 40 degrees toward the south-southeast.

While jogging through the woods made a short pause for rest — was walking on the field (not solid wood, mixed with a former fields, now vast lawns). Looking at the moon, observed bright spot next to her. Emission color white. The object was moving from south to north at a very high altitude. Speed — is comparable to the speed of an aircraft flying at an altitude of 9-10 thousand km, even a bit slower.
At first thought it was a weather balloon or balloon. But when I saw first second, then a third … Total averaged 8 points and brightest another object, which probably had an elongated shape. He appeared as a short dash. If you hold a ruler at arm's length, the brightest object in the form of a point having a diameter slightly larger than 1 mm, the other a little less. Elongated object has a length of 2-3 mm, a width of less than 0.5 mm. The general direction of flight of all objects — to the north. The initial relative distance between the outermost objects in the direction of the north — 40 centimeters.
Objects flew like 4 groups: 3 +4 +1 +1. Clear failure was observed. Within the groups of objects are moved relative to each other. Oblong object all the time was right next to one of the bright point-like objects in a group of 4 objects. The pair moved straight. A group of four objects disappeared from view first. Since the objects were dispersed on a fairly large area of the sky, and the objects had flown away north from smaller angular size while maintaining the brightness, I just noticed their disappearance. A group of three objects as the flight to the north first built in the triangle (not equilateral), then after a while, these three objects lined up and, hovering (to me) in this position, slowly for 8-10 minutes decreased in sizes (brightness of objects preserved). Single objects flew straight. With one of the single most striking object was observed as a point blackout. The distance between any object and about 2 mm. Single objects departed in the same way: at the same time retain their brightness and decreased angular size for a long time (5-10 minutes).
The color of all objects was originally a bright white. As premeschenie north six of the nine sites (those that were flying in groups of 3 and 4) changed the color to a bright reddish. That is, the brightness of the object has not changed, but there was clearly visible glow red. In oblong object and two single color is not changed.
All objects in the sky overcame the distance in angular size of about 90 degrees from the moment I saw them around the moon. Time for a complete 15 minutes of observation.
During follow flew two planes. One was flying from west to east, the other to meet him. The elevation of both 80-85 degrees towards the north. Objects actually crossed the path of both, flying in front of them. True distance between the objects and aircraft at the time of intersection of the trajectory was 40-50 degrees.

Submitted by: Sergey Belikov bsmile@mail.ru 28.05.2004

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