Zauralskaya fish suffers from a lack of oxygen


Because of the level of water dry summer and a thick layer of ice cold winters occurred violation of existing gas exchange, the fish is not enough oxygen

13.01.11.Zasushlivoe summer of last year resulted in a drop in water level in the reservoirs. A severe and prolonged cold water pinned thick ice. There has been a violation of the existing gas exchange, fish do not have enough oxygen, they decreased the activity and are on the brink of survival, the press service of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment.

At the meeting of the Board of Fisheries was made that in order to save the fish should be carried out on the lakes aeration. For this tenant purchase specialized systems, drills and pumps. Rybopolzovateli also note that the use of such a technique is not always effective.

General Director of "Kurganrybhoz" Vladimir Glushkov said that in 2010 the lake Achikul successfully preserved the commercial stock dace, carp. But Zamora underwent perch. Lake zarybili peled (cheeses), but were caught half of the planned, about 10 tons. Prevent fish kills can catch her. But here, too, opinions vary as fishing with fixed nets in the presence of ice can lead first to a sharp increase in the oxygen content in the water, and then to his dramatic fall. According to the participants, this issue must be reasonable behavior control authorities. On the other hand, the ban on fishing may lead to its demise.

Measures to preserve the most valuable fish in the reservoirs are expensive, so the Chairman of the Board — Director of the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Kurgan region Victor Shevelev offered to control water bodies that are of particular value, social status. Rybopolzovateley urged to continuously monitor the status of water bodies.

At the end of the Council it was decided to prepare the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Kurgan region "on the implementation of measures to prevent the death of living aquatic resources in the winter 2010 — 2011's in connection with the deterioration of living conditions."

Note that in the Kurgan region there are more than three thousand lakes, 96% of them belong to the objects of fishery. 469 bodies of water transferred to the long-term use.

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