Oil separately, men separately

Though what message of the fall in oil prices or even the ability of such fall in the near future in this country is if you do not panic, the negative emotions for sure. Russian people are just accustomed to the fact that the highest prices oil — Is, they say, for you and me is fine, but the drop in these prices — bad. Such a stereotype forces to give their attention to the growth and lowering the price of hydrocarbons, even those whose incomes, to put it mildly, not much dependent on these macro-economic characteristics, such as supply

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Oil is cheaper, capital flows away from Russia

Russian money the market continues to exist in cramped depending on the price of "black gold." After last week's failed oil quotes below the psychological mark of $ 100 in our country, the number of optimists talking about successfully overcome the decline sharply diminished. It would seem, to the ups and downs of oil in Russia has long been to philosophically, but throwing it in the hot and cold alternating with undisguised euphoria and strewing ashes on their heads continue to occur in the vast Russian expanse.

And what we have to expect if almost half of Russian economy —

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Software Irtysh released the first batch of consoles Singapore

Omsk Production Association "Irtysh" and the Singaporean company ST Electronics released the first batch of the installation of digital set-top boxes to 10,000 pieces.

The Executive Director of the plant "Irtysh" A. Arshinin explained that established "a co-production: systems engineering in Singapore, and our software. Watching how the implementation will go. "

The contract between the department "Irtysh" and ST Electronics in the co-production of set-top boxes was signed at the end of last year. In 2012, Russia has changed the standard of a digital signal — took place DVBT DVBT-2

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PATH launched new products for the nuclear industry

JSC "PNTZ plant" (PATH, is a member CTRP) has mastered the production of spacer wire uprated in stainless steel EK-164 for the nuclear industry, said the group.

Developed in the company CHEP spacer wire manufacturing technology is unparalleled in Russia. PATH is the exclusive supplier of round and oval wire before it was made of steel ES-68, but considering the requirements of the nuclear industry, the company CHEP has mastered the production of steel EK-164.

Round (diameter 1.05 mm) and oval (size 1,30 x0, 6 mm) wire is for spacing of the fuel elements in TVELnoy assembly

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Unformatted Museum

We have somehow got used to looking at the next film from Monino either Hodynki, muttering to kommenntariyah, "do not store, do not take care, do not appreciate," zapamyatyvaya with all this, that at least some technical museum, and even more museum Aviation, there is not an easy thing, very expensive, requiring a large and constant work. In the absence of all this, at least some, the most beautiful and Technology Museum very rapidly converted in the ordinary dustbin of rusted metal. We often think that it is only our Aviation Museum are similar polusvalki — is not so far

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On the western coast of Canada 6.7 magnitude earthquake

Earthquake of magnitude 6.7 occurred on Friday night off the coast of Canada to the Pacific Ocean, the site says the U.S. Geological Survey.

Earthquakes have been recorded at 12.41 on Friday local time (23.41 MSK). The epicenter was located 138 kilometers south-west of Campbell River on Vancouver Island and at a depth of 25.9 kilometers.

Data on possible damages on yet been received. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Miami said that the threat of a tsunami there.

Source: RIA Novosti

Magnitude: 6.4 Time: September 9, 2011, at 19:41:34 on Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) Depth: 23 km Coordinates: 49.493

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Over the weekend, weather forecasters promise a strong wind and a third of the monthly rainfall

Extreme Weather: strong wind — up to 20 meters per second, torrential rains, in addition to the storm. Expected up to a third of monthly rainfall. Pressure — much lower than usual — will gradually grow, but not make it to the usual values. Meteodependent people need to take care of oneself more than others. Against such a background temperature — no higher than 15 degrees.Source: http://www.1tv.ru/news/social/184964

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United Kingdom: Father sends the child not only genes




As you know, the way in which a child depends largely on the mother — in fact the egg is the source of much of the information and materials from which the embryo is formed. But it appears that the father's role in this process is more

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Unexplained mystery buzz of the Earth

The small village of Woodland (Woodland) in the British county of Durham (Durham) with a population of about 300 people for two months will not be safe because of the country is strong buzz that every night for a few hours filled air. The sound is very similar to the idling car and can be heard from midnight until four in the morning. It is so pleasant and not strong, that gives residents the inconvenience.Phenomenon sometimes occurs in different parts of the world. What is it — the secret government experiments, collective pathology or echoes of the technical processes? Versions

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Dead birds on the streets Odintsovo. Photo


14.09.11.V recently on the streets of our city began to appear dead birds, says national correspondent Yevgeny BIBASHOV.

"Never such Odintsovo was not, never seen so many dead birds on the streets of our city, mostly pigeons. They are everywhere, in playgrounds and stores, on sidewalks and roadway, the hospitals and clinics. Pigeons are not crushed by cars and eaten by cats, and they seem easy prey, but cats do not touch them. They die slowly, hunched with beaks resting on the ground, " — Says Eugene.

"Living behave very strangely. They fly into the apartment, on the stairs,

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