Near Belgorod opened a bypass road from Tavrovo to Reasonable

November 3 roadster officially handed over first road Tavrovo — Solomino — Reasonable. Highway stretching over 11 kilometers, the construction of which began in November 2010, built exactly one year. Its main object was half a kilometer bridge over the reservoir Belgorod.

Roads from Tavrovo Reasonable designed to solve many traffic problems Belgorod agglomeration. Transport from Shebekino able to get to Kharkov mountain without obstructing traffic in the eastern part of the regional center.

In addition, the bypass circuit 50 will facilitate the movement of thousands of people living in the Oak, Tavrovo and nearby arrays of

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NGOs Strike Back

As to the State Duma adopted a law on NGOs — foreign agents, as a wave of a conductor's baton in the press zabugornoy up loud, "Karrr-p-Raul! In Russia again violated prrrr-p-Rav man! Pinched freedom of speech! "What's there to zabugornoy. Many Russian media also hit in moaning about the fact it is now respected members of a host of non-profit organizations to explain to people, and why are they doing for their own political activity was useful to take money from "Big Brother."

Recall that on July 13 this year, 374 members of the lower chamber of Russian

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Near Belgorod launched bitumen plant

July 15 the company opened Volokonovsky area. At the presentation of his has been dubbed unique: similar plants in the world there are only two — in the next Bryansk region and Belarus.  The Governor Yevgeny Savchenko expressed readiness to establish in the region a few asphalt plants, provided that the quality of the products will be on top.

On the discovery of a plant for the production of bitumen in the village Pyatnickoe Volokonovsky district said "World Belogoriya." The new company built LLC "FC Invest" for 40 million rubles in record time —

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Completed near Armavir radar

State tests of the latest technological complex will already this year. Armavir radar control area — more than five thousand miles, from London to Irkutsk.

Just over forty seconds after the rocket appears in the zone of the system, the place position and type of the object is determined. In this case, a ballistic missile, fired her from a submarine in the Mediterranean. Place the rocket position on the map marked with yellow dots, red — the place of its fall, in this case, Novosibirsk. Information from the Armavir radar station in the

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Supervolcano threatens America


25.01.11.Sudya are signs that the gigantic dormant volcano beneath Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, USA, in the years to wake up — the first time in the last 600 thousand years, the newspaper Daily Mail. If this happens, the consequences for America and the world could be catastrophic.

The red-hot magma beneath the surface of the giant caldera — the crater of the volcano, which occupies more than half of the national park — began to rise in 1928. However, in recent years, scientists have noticed a dramatic increase in the speed of the lift: it could

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Another end of the world is scheduled for September 27 — October 16

Denver International Airport

Conspiracy theorists and UFOlogists "appointed" next end of the world for the period from the end of September to 16 October 2011.According to another popular version, the instrument will be the Apocalypse Comet Elenin — long-period comet with a core diameter of 3-4 km, Open Russian astronomer Leonid Elenin in December 2010.Celestial body must pass a minimum distance from the Earth October 16, 2011 — the day it would be at a distance of 35 million miles from Earth. According to American scientists, the comet Elenin emit hydrogen cyanide — the strongest poison that causes death within

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NKVD against the UPA — the war after the Victory

First, in 1944 Reddish Army started the liberation of the western regions of Ukraine, which is housed on the ground and intensely acted while numerous pockets of nationalist underground, including the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA). These nationalist structures were able to put in the numbers, according to some reports, for the entire period of their control from 400 to 700 thousand and underground fighters. Statistics show that only in the period from February 1944 until the end of 1945 Western Ukrainian nationalist underground fighters and performed about 7,000 armed attacks and acts of

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The flavor enhancer E621. Do not kill yourself! Online.

Just an excellent movie in the style of rap. When did not think that this musical direction will be very skilled to use for the popular explanations to people about the harmful diet (H). Respect creators.

Watch flavor enhancer E621. Do not kill yourself!

If you want a more scientific explanation of what MSG — E621, then look no further.


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Megacities threaten our health

Rapid urbanization will cause severe damage to human health, if the officials responsible for planning and urban development, are not considered measures to combat air pollution.

This prevents the report prepared by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the International Project for the Study of the Earth's atmospheric chemistry (IGAC) and presented at IGAC Open Science Conference on atmospheric chemistry in antropotsene held in Beijing (China). The most striking aspect of the document Fox Jalkanen, head of the WMO Atmospheric Research, calls the growth rate of the mega-cities (agglomerations with a population of over 10 million) in developing countries.

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Comet Elenin finally collapsed, said astronomer

September 26. The famous comet Elenin, which preachers imminent end of the world would be closely visit aliens, apparently, finally collapsed and never will reach the point of closest approach to the Earth, told RIA Novosti on Monday, the discoverer — astronomer Leonid Elenin, Institute of Applied Mathematics Keldysh.

"The comet was supposed to appear in images of space solar observatory SOHO, but it is not. Apparently, it fell apart. Perhaps some fragments, which will continue to fly in the same orbit, we can see in October with ground-based telescopes, "- said Elenin.

"The comet will not

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