New Tool to Iran Photoshop

First of this year, Iran announced that it has processed some of its own passenger aircraft An-140 maritime patrol aircraft and equip them with electro-optical sensors onboard infrared equipment front view Ultra8500. In the statement, the two things do not add up. In 1-x, Iran is producing An-140 under license, pledging to use plane strictly civilian purposes. In-2, the company FLIR Systems is an American company which is prohibited by law to sell Iran of thermal imaging systems such as Ultra8500. FLIR Systems is immediately denied the information that it had sold to Iran what some of the systems

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Firefighters Vladivostok updated fleet

On October 25, the central square of Vladivostok in a solemn ceremony was handed a new ad seaside fireman.


Carport fire tankers filled with special equipment Vladivostok brand AC-40, has been successfully used in fire fighting, new tankers "Rozenbauer" as well as a ladder for 50 yards and a crank lift, lift height is also 50 meters required for evacuation from high-rise buildings in case of fire. New fire trucks — domestic production, designed on the basis of KAMAZ. Tanker trucks are equipped with the latest equipment, on-board computers.


In addition, the

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A New Tool for the U.S. Navy Seals

"Seals" — U.S. Marine Special Forces — is constantly equipped with the most zamudrennymi kinds of tools and devices for effective combat. That's only part of those who are in service with Navy SEAL, see catalog of firearms.

Combat knife 150BKSN Marc Lee "Glory"

This knife is dedicated to Marc Alan Lee, the first American "lion" who died in Iraq. 154-mm heavy-duty stainless steel blade planted on brown corrugated handle, very comfortable for your hand.

Assault Rifle LaRue

Rifle LaRue 7.62 mm has excellent performance for the most complex special operations: the weight of a little more than 4

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Firefighters Amur region received new equipment

Novyk fire trucks went on alert at their bases in Arkhara, Romnensky, Szymanowski, St. Michael, Skovorodinsky, Mazanovsky and Bureysky areas. 20 million of acquisition have been allocated from the regional budget.

First 6 new fire trucks were purchased in 2009, this update to the regional firefighting fleet was 25 years old. In just the last 3 years was purchased 32 fire engines.

Many localities have been rescued from fire thanks 62 firefighter posts, established in 2009,.

This year will be hosted by another 20 fire stations. By July 1, they are all 100% will be provided with breathing apparatus

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Permafrost kills Tibet

Scientists of the Chinese Academy of Sciences calls attention to how climate change ovechaet on permafrost in the west of the country phenomenon has become an unexpected turn.

Beijing, January 10. Chinese scientists have found that the amount of water supplied to the major river — the Yangtze — at its source on the Tibetan plateau, has fallen for 40 years at 15%, which is contrary to the data on the increase on the same 15% level of the melting of glaciers and the increasing number of storm rainfall during the same period.

This is the conclusion of environmental

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Mount Zarathustra, invasion of fungi and fireproof letter P: top 5 anomalies Perm region

October 16, 2012 21:10

"AIF-Kama" was just three rating unknown: according to the journalists, according to UFO researchers and the popular version. Permian, October 16 — AIF-Kama region. Perm region has always been a place of mystery. Here, you and beliefs of the heathen, and the "Golden Woman", and Chud, pushed to the ground. River Styx washes Egoshihinskoe cemetery, and the station Adischevo meets stray travelers. There are modern anomaly — headless red-art facilities, the mystical theater and the smell of gas, which consistently appears on the streets of the city every two years. But how to select from

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In the Alma-Ata region cracked mountain

Karst holes

19.05.11.Na northern slope of the mountain in the Almaty region because of the series of earthquakes that occurred a crack length of six meters and a width of 20-30 cm, reports referring to the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Kazakhstan.

According to authorities, at this point (on the hillside opposite the former sanatorium "Kolosok") and before there was a crack of 7.5 meters. On-site detection of display warning posters. Detailed examination by specialists LLP "Almatygidrogeologiya" is scheduled for May 19.

Recall that in early May in Almaty and Almaty region, a series of earthquakes with a magnitude

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Will soon become a new modification of the AK-12 for special forces units

NGO «Izhmash» is going to create a new modification of a Kalashnikov AK-12, which would correspond to a very special forces units. According to the press service of the enterprise, the standard machine itself will be presented in the autumn of this year, report RIA announcements On Saturday at the meeting, which took part in the interdepartmental working group under the Military-Industrial Commission under the Russian government, Vladimir Zlobin, chief designer of NPO «Izhmash», presented the AK-12. After the presentation of the machine all the working group, including representatives of the Defense Ministry, the FSB and the Interior Ministry,

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10 space sensations of the past year

The planet Kepler 16b two suns.

International experts ranked the events in space over the past year

1. Mars rover "Curiosity" went to the Red Planet to look for life

New-generation nuclear-powered was launched November 26, 2011 from Cape Canaveral. He is a self-contained chemical laboratory and several times larger and heavier than his earlier predecessors — the Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity. According to the calculations to get to Mars in August 2012 and to land in Gale crater with a diameter of 150 kilometers. The value of

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Kharkiv covered chickenpox


24.07.11.V 13 groups 13 kindergartens Dzerzhinsky and Ordzhonikidze district of Kharkiv quarantined due to illness of children with chickenpox. This was reported by the chief medical officer of Kharkov Irina Zubkov.

As the press service of the Kharkiv city council, she said, from January to June 2011 the first among viral diseases is chickenpox (that 47.1% of all infectious diseases in Kharkov excluding influenza and ARI). Number of cases of chickenpox in Kharkov, compared to the same period in 2010, increased by 68.3%, the LIGABusinessInform.

Zubkov said that in several kindergartens Dzerzhinsky and Ordzhonikidze district virus lives for five

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