22.03.12.V Primorye dying fish


VLADIVOSTOK, March 22 — RIA Novosti. Environmentalists have recorded a partial fish kills in rivers and lakes Khankaisky Reserve, which because of the cold winters with little snow in a thick shell of ice, told RIA Novosti on Thursday, Head of environmental education and tourism reserve Tatiana Gabel.

"Last winter we all slightly pleased with snow, but were strong enough to frost. And ice armor bound waters of Lake Hanka and multiple delta lakes. And, of course, is very high threat of mass fish kill due to oxygen starvation, "- said Gabel.

According to her, in spite of the arrival of spring, the thickness of ice on ponds Khankaisky reserve reaches 80 centimeters. Experts have documented the deaths of fish due to lack of oxygen in the river mudflats. Killed both small and large individuals.

"In late February, the initiative Khankaisky reserve we started work to save fish involving volunteers in the face of students Spassky Pedagogical Institute. They drill a hole and reveal the ice on rivers and lakes in the reserve. Thus, they assist fish in troubled period of survival for them, "- said Gabel.

She added that the work on the aeration basins at the end of winter in the reserve are held almost every year until the middle of March, but this spring because of the long cold spring breaking up of ice will continue until early April.

Khankaysky State Nature Reserve was established to preserve the natural complex of wetland Lake Hanka. The main object of this are the birds (they recorded 334 species), due to the abundance of which Hank listed waters to be protected by the international Ramsar Convention.

At present the area Khankaisky Nature Reserve is: 39 000 280 hectares and 690 hectares of 5000 the lake.

Source: RIA Novosti

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