Americans of all conned?

In the state of Nevada was purchased barren piece of land. Experts from Hollywood, podnatorevshie in the shooting space fantasies, participated in the creation of scenery. Of course, every precaution was taken to ensure secrecy.
According to Keyzinga, astronauts loaded in the ship "Apollo" and then secretly planted back. Meanwhile, the audience watched the launch of the rocket "Saturn-V", which soared majestically into the sky and out of sight of flying in the direction of the Antarctic and fell into the water.
Astronauts flown by plane to Nevada, where they had a fun time in the company of girls from Las Vegas casinos. At times, according to Keyzinga, "the sweet life" was accompanied by a brawl, and one of the astronauts even managed to put up a fight with a member of NASA because of some Peachy Keene.
At the right time the master of special effects, TV people and leaders of a secret project started working. The cameras included, and played the astronauts rehearsed staging and collected samples laid out in advance "of the lunar soil."
At the end of the "show" the astronauts took to the base of the U.S. Air Force in the Pacific, was placed in a capsule and dropped from a helicopter into the ocean.
But how could such a scam to hide? And it Keyzinga have a ready answer. First, the talkers ruthlessly eliminated. So, it was enough equipment to Tom Barron to speak at the Congressional Committee with a complaint of fraud in the course of the project, as he "died four days after being given their testimony."
Second, to ensure the silence used hypnosis and other methods of mind control. It is for this reason that so much time has held "adjustment period" astronauts. "If the moon is absolutely sterile conditions, why they have been in quarantine?" — Asks Keyzing. His answer: they were subjected to "brainwashing."
Finally, the Bill gives the most "killer" argument: the astronauts refused to join him in a public debate. But the silence gives consent, is not it?

The coolest bluff XX century

However, when the first wave of excitement, began showing strange things. The photo and film material depicting three epochal moments of lunar missions, the researchers began to find small and not very Compliance: from unnatural shadow play — before cutting a sophisticated eye deviations from the elementary laws of physics. One of the first to draw attention to this American engineer Ralph Rene, "unpatriotic" declared to the world that there was no landing on the moon was not, and all the pictures and movies — rather clumsy forgery. Such shooting is easy to stage in a specially designed pavilion on Earth. To come to the same conclusion, and British researchers David Percy and Mary Bennett, asserting that the footage "Moon Chronicles" were fabricated on the famous "dream factory" — Hollywood. By the way, out of 13,000 photographs available to NASA, published only a few dozen. Here it is the search for truth took the scientists and engineers to understand, as they say, cog "physics of the process." The sentence was severe: the presence of American astronauts on the moon — no more than a well-thought-out hoax, as represented by the world community survey materials — fruits of creativity cameramen and the military.
No need to be an expert to realize that the level of development of the electronics of the time it would be incredibly difficult to implement not only the most difficult maneuvers in space docking, undocking booster, "Apollo" and the descent module with the people, but also by their masterly return. After all, on-board computers, "Apollo" were weaker than other modern calculator … The big question is, and the possibility of human survival in the open space: could protect his rubber-suit fabric sample 60, because the Moon has no atmosphere and the saving of a magnetic field to protect from the crazy radiation (by the way, the suit Leonova for this purpose was Enclosing a lead weight). And the temperature is minus 250 Fahrenheit in a matter of seconds would kill brave men in such suits. And none of them even got radiation sickness …
It is possible that Americans are still flying to the moon, but not beyond its orbit. The rest of the work done robots. In short, flew, dropped the so-called corner reflectors (they then use our scholars) and sent back something like the Soviet "Luna-16", which has collected pebbles. But in this case, it is doubtful that all three of the expedition managed to bring 382 kg of lunar soil (the Soviet rovers were able to produce only 0.3 kg) Additional weight for the rocket unthinkable! All other simulated lunar saga — Hall shooting, purely political stunt, among other things, saving billions of dollars!

Or maybe prevented "small plates"?

There is another version of the "American Comedy" — UFO. For example, when flying around the satellite found that our cosmic neighbor … inhabited. And the moon Americans just do not let him go, because the time for such contacts is not yet. During the flight, "Apollos" allegedly repeatedly accompanied by a UFO, and you try to lunar landing they may have "shown the door". So I had to quickly cook "lime."
By the way, astronomers have long been puzzled as to such a relatively small celestial body, like the Earth, managed to grab onto its orbit downright gigantic satellite. One hypothesis states that the moon once pribuksirovali alien civilization — that it was convenient to observe the processes taking place in the life of a suitable blue planet. I "hung" it so that it always faces the Earth was the same party. And on the back you can conveniently hide. Does that not explain the mysterious activity on its surface: fixed numerous observers flashes of light and movement and luminous cigar-shaped objects, high domed structure in the craters, mining machines and even a 12-mile bridge, which later mysteriously disappeared (1950-th year). According to the newspaper article, the military adviser of the United States William Cooper, is "joint US-rossiyskoinoplanetnye base." So much for the "fiction of the capsule" …

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