By approaching Japan typhoon Talas

In the next few days in Japan fall 12th typhoon of the season, titled "Talas".

"Talas" will bring heavy rains, floods and landslides fraught, warned on Thursday the country's national meteorological office.

Showers, which will be held on Friday and Saturday, threatening the entire Pacific coast of the main Japanese island of Honshu, from Yamaguchi Prefecture in southern Iwate Prefecture to the north. The expansion of precipitation caused a relatively slow speed of the typhoon (15 kilometers per hour), the researchers note.

Meteorologists called on their compatriots to be especially careful near water, where possible sharp rise in water level due to rains and mountain roads where the danger of landslides and rockfalls.

Special precautions are taken in the Tohoku region hit by the March 11 earthquake, where under reconstruction, including the emergency plant "Fukushima-1", ITAR-TASS reported.

Source: Voice of Russia.

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