Cora is moving. Or subcortex

In Togliatti actively discussing strange sounds, which some tolyattintsy heard recently. More specifically, it is a combination of sounds of varying heights. Heard them, according to those who heard them, as if from the sky. Poured oil on the fire by the fact that such phenomena, it appears, are not uncommon. They occur throughout the world and especially frequent in recent times. Particularly impressionable has been dubbed their "sounds of the apocalypse."

The last incident took place in Komsomolsk region. I must say, "Komsa" generally distinguished from other regions by the number of recorded anomalies. However, according to a member of the UFO commission Tatyana Makarova, the strange sounds still no one complained. Poltergeists, UFOs, clairvoyance cases — here with what basically komsomolchane turn to ufologists.

To the origin of strange "music", there are many theories, ranging from testing a new type of weapons to the change of the magnetic poles of the earth. Ecologist Vladimir Iglin say that the interest of the problem, but to lean in favor of a version can not yet. Does not rule out that the blame — a detrimental human impact on the environment. "I can not say anything for sure, but it is possible, for example, that the cause of the sounds are high-voltage lines are located in a certain way."

By the way, it seems very attractive to many version that sounds are caused movement of tectonic plates. True, Tatiana Makarova in this version of the doubt: "The processes in the crust, so global that people are just not able to respond to them. If this is certainly not a natural disaster. "

Text: Arkady Shelestov


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