Cyclone will bring snow to the center of Russia and the new warming

In the central part of Russia delayed warm weather. The region is under the influence of warm Atlantic, so winter is rather European, than a real Russian. As reported in the weather of the Russian Federation, a small cyclone, brought before the snow in the center of the country, even today will influence the weather eastern provinces.

In the Central District of the atmospheric pressure increases, against this background that places will be snow, temperatures of minus five to plus one degree. Upcoming night in the Central District of frost to minus 4 — minus 9.

But in the afternoon on January 3 effect will be felt next Atlantic cyclone. Tuesday afternoon will drop the air pressure will increase the south wind from the western regions, will snow, which at times will be strong, zakruzhat snowstorm.

Drops to 10-15 millimeters, it is more fourth month January norm. Growth of snow could reach 7-15 inches. In the afternoon, in the western regions the thermometer will show near zero, the center of the thaw will get to Thursday morning.

Cyclone moves to the Baltic. Waves from the Atlantic will bring the center of European Russia and moderately moist warm air. From Wednesday to Friday will be broken clouds from time to time will light precipitation: at night — snow day — snow. Night is expected small negative in the afternoon — a small plus, reports ITAR-TASS.

Although Saturday and Sunday will increase the influence of the anticyclone to the east, the real Christmas frost center of European Russia is not threatened. At night, the temperature will drop to zero to minus five, and the day will be near zero, places will be sunny.Source:

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