Devouring planets was a rarity in the cosmos

Astronomers have found that cases of "devouring" of the planets own the stars are extremely rare. Article scientists submitted to the journal The Astrophysical Journal, and its preprint available at

In the study, scientists have built a model of migration after the formation of the planet. The calculation results are compared with data collected by the telescope "Kepler". It was found that the best results is a diagram in which the planet migration stops at some critical distance to the star.

For example, for the light of the sun is like the distance — about 10 stellar radii. The period of revolution around the star is equal to about four days. As a consequence, the absorption of the stars of the planets in this model is an exceptional event.

Telescope "Kepler" was launched into space in March 2009. It continuously scans the area in the sky between the constellations Cygnus and Lyra, containing about 4.5 million stars (the scientists are interested in about 140 thousand).

Scientists detect exoplanet transit method — changes in brightness caused by the passage of a body across the disk of the star. From 6 to 9 December 2011 in Ames Research Center hosted the first Kepler conference, in which were the first results of observations. Among them was the discovery of a planet in the habitable zone around the Sun-like star.

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