Forest of Mirrors Ghost

Many girls are addicted to magic, trying to help of any objects evoke an image of her spouse. So it did Olga Zaitseva. She was a nice woman, but at the same time caring for her a couple of guys, and she wanted to clarify the situation. She turned off the light in the room, place a mirror and candles and began to utter a primitive tongue twister, which recommend books on magic.

First, Husband did not think there will be, Olga decided to throw this venture and went to bed. But twenty minutes later tarnished mirror. It was impossible to see in him the image. In the face hit the cold air stream, candles were extinguished. In the mirror, there was a picture. Olga saw a long dark road, which sent two men. And buy a new car seat you will be able to shop online

First, the hostess was not frightened, and began to watch them. Then the figure began to increase, blurred, and gradually face appeared. In the familiar outlines of Olga learned boyfriend Paul.

Suddenly some sort of unknown strength lifted up, Olga, and she touched his forehead against the glass, in the place where he was head-Men. Now his face was ugly, with a grimace of contempt. From the horror of the girl went black in the eyes, and the more she did not remember anything.

She awoke in a hospital bed. Her friend in the dorm told me that she had found her unconscious with a bump on his forehead is not known about how the fallen chandelier. She soon soured relationship with Paul, and then with Andrew. Books on magic she threw it in the trash. On his nightmare did not spread.

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