Ice Age 2015: Myth or Reality?

According to the famous Russian scientist Vladimir Pavlovich Polivanov today 2015 have very many different projects. Including gas-electric race, which we recently wrote in an article Demand for gas is growing, why is that?.

The fact that it was at the time in Western Europe will cold snap — the so-called Little Ice Age. And Europe does not want to freeze, as in the genetic memory alive Europeans fear the former Little Ice Age.

As you know, in 1300, there was a slowdown in the Gulf Stream, which is today. After almost a century and a half people in the European region have suffered from unbearable cold. In turn, the western and central United States territory in the region have become dust storms. As it turns out, is history repeating itself.

Do not expect dramatic changes in climate?

According to Vladimir Pavlovich change cools or heats the effect of ocean currents — a period instant. In such a science as climatology, this is even a special term — "like the switch." OFF — cold. Included — heat. Silk — the river Thames was covered with ice. Silk — vymerzli vineyards in Germany. Silk — green Greenland became cold. According to numerous scientific studies, such abrupt climate change has already occurred in the past many times.

Why no one tells of the impending cataclysm?

With the Gulf Stream stop (do not worry, it's only temporary), and the arrival of the Little Ice Age, or the population of Western Europe or the United States is not extinct. However, the economy of most countries for a certain period of time (from 15 to 20 years) may be close to total collapse. Seriously drop the standard of living, and the investment activity is very much reduced. This is why the officials keep it a secret in order to avoid mass panic the population. And yourself under way for the past several years preparing for the cataclysm. It is particularly nothing hidden. Is not that the true meaning of what is happening.

A very simple. All of today's capacity of "blue fuel" to Europe camouflage energy problems between Ukraine, Russia and the European Union. That is why the supposedly had to build so-called "alternative" pipelines.


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