In Crimea there were two earthquakes — is just the beginning?

In late August, the Crimean Black Sea coast there were two earthquakes. According to the Geophysical Service of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the epicenter of the earthquake force 3.8 and 4 points is approximately 100 kilometers south of Yalta.

Crimeans earthquakes are not felt, but recorded seismic vibrations in Yalta, Alushta, Sevastopol and Simferopol. Foci of aftershocks was at a depth of 10 kilometers.

Expert Opinions

Crimea — a seismically active region, and earthquakes are happening with alarming regularity. First recorded in the annals of the cataclysm — Pantikapeyskoe earthquake — there was a 63-year BC. Since then, the peninsula was shaking for at least two dozen times.

— The structure of the crust is not fixed once and for all. Repetition of such shocks is probably enough. In Crimea, their strength can be up to 9 points — said the head of the Crimean Expert Council for seismic hazard assessment and prediction of earthquakes Bella Pustovitenko.

According to her, a nine earthquakes happen in the Crimea about once a millennium vosmiballnye — once in 500 years, a seven-point — once every 100 years.

With such a forecast agrees director of "Crimean international center of seismic" Nikolay Georgiev.

-After every major earthquake is, figuratively speaking, the process of preparing the next. Give an exact time, of course, difficult, but, in practice, between the Crimean earthquakes is 80-100 years? — Said Georgiev.

From his words, not have long to wait for the disaster — the last time the Crimea suffered a devastating earthquake in 1927 — 84 years ago.

Seismologist rejects the hypothesis plate movements, collision which allegedly provoked tremors. According to him, the earthquake caused by the vertical movement of the crust.

— Why is the highest seismic risk — on the South Coast? They are actively in the process of mountain building. If we present a simplified picture, the mountains rise, and the sea bed — deepens, and this is followed by jerks? — Explains the researcher.

But developers still

Another earthquake on SCC can occur at any time, but it seems very few people care about. South coastal land — its weight in gold, entrepreneurs save every square meter of land and build a multi-storey building. New high — apartments, hotels, pensions — are springing up like mushrooms after rain. Authors of major investment projects usually adhere to the requirements of seismic safety, but private traders often spit on the regulations.

— For example, registering objects as warehouses or garages — it allows you to bypass the requirements? — Says the head of urban planning, architecture and Regional Development Vladimir Ivzhenko Yalta.

On the South Coast to joke that "garage in Yalta" — when the garage was built three-story hotel, and on the roof is equipped with a helipad.

— Influence that we can not. Call me a document that prohibits the construction of a two-story garage. Do not call — there are no such documents, — shrugs Ivzhenko.

Inadequate laws and corruption has become a thriving South Coast in "Shanghai": where 20 years ago there were two-storey houses, mini-tower clumsy pensions. The owners of these facilities during the construction to save on all plans draw on nearly a napkin. Specialists seismologists in project development, of course, do not participate. Experts say that if an earthquake happen again in 1927, many samostroi will develop, as a house of cards.

At the same time, the facilities built by conscientious companies are able to withstand shocks to force 8-9.

— If at the stage of designing and building all the norms are sustained by 100%, the risk of major damage is 1%? — Says Vladimir Kukunaev, department head of the Seismological Institute of Construction "KrymNIIproekt."

Insurers said the main earthquake risk Crimean housing

Journalists appealed to several insurance companies asking how much it will cost to insure against earthquake a new apartment on the South Coast $ 300 thousand dollars.

The company offers two types of services: only by earthquakes and "package" of fires, breaks water, sewer and other troubles. And in most companies the cost of earthquake insurance is the lion's share of the total price of the policy.

For example, complex insurance apartments in one of the firms will cost 5000 hryvnia per year, and the only insurance against fluctuations of the Earth's crust — 3.5 thousand. Another insurance company rates modestly: earthquake insurance — 1200 hryvnia, comprehensive policy — twice as much.

As shaking Crimea

'63 BC

Location: Pantikapaion (modern Kerch) and the Kerch Peninsula.

Power: about 9 points.

Destruction: "The strongest ever earthquake destroyed several cities" (Roman chronicler Dio Cassius). "When Mithridates celebrated holiday in the Bosporus Ceres suddenly happened so strong earthquake, which was followed by the terrible destruction of cities and fields" (Christian historian Paul Orosius).


Location: South Coast.

Power: 8-9.

Destruction: "The sea is come forth out of its banks by 10 miles and caused harm to the undocumented" (Byzantine chronicler George Kedrin).

1470? S

Location: Yalta.

Power: 8-9.

Destruction: What happened in Yalta at the end of XV century earthquake wreaked castle hill, and terrified residents went out to other settlements thereof "(Russian traveler Paul Sumarokov).

1615? Year

Place: Theodosia.

Power: 8 points.

Destruction: "There was an earthquake in gorode Cuff: collapsed city wall, the earth shook, the house collapsed, amazed creature, crying women, children shouting, rose sea swayed and went back" (Diary resident Kafa Khachatur Kafaetsi).

February 1786

Location: Village Kuchuk-Koi (now Amenity) about Yalta.

Power: 8-9.

Destruction: "… living in the vicinity, the fear had left home with their cattle and property, the total area of land between the above ravines, from the high ridge of rocks to the sea for about 900 yards, or nearly two miles, and from 350 to 500 fathoms in width, about midnight struck with a terrible crash, and this failure lasted until February 28, and has formed a failure depth of 10 to 20 fathoms "(Simon Pallas).

October 11, 1869

Location: the epicenter — in the area of Sudak.

Power: about 7 points.

Destruction: Earthquake swept the Crimea, while in Sudak and Taraktash were damaged and destroyed many buildings.

June 26 and September 11, 1927

Location: Southern Coast of Crimea. According to experts, the epicenter was located under the sea, south of Yalta, and stretched along the coast.

Power: 8 points.

Destruction: "The houses were bursting glass, plaster falling off, cracked floors and ceilings, rattling iron sheets on the roofs, chimneys fell. People awake.

From the open windows were heard yelling. After the first jolt, which lasted no more than 10 seconds, followed by a second. All fled from their homes, which were falling walls, cracked roofs, falling balconies and cornices. In the mountains, thundering falls, the sea has moved away from the coast and again struck him stormy wave. The lights went out.

The continuing aftershocks, collapsing buildings, groans of the wounded, mass hysteria and ridiculous rumors caused panic extraordinary "(witness Nicholas Kalin).

The first earthquake of magnitude 6 were no major casualties. The second series of aftershocks, which occurred on the night of 11 to 12 September, caused tremendous damage. The strength of the tremors reached 9 points. Killed more than 60 people.

Recall seismologists believe that the Crimea threatened earthquake of 7 points. Specialists say that predict exactly when an earthquake — it is impossible.

Alex Gaidukov


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