In just three Atlantic tropical cyclone

In the Atlantic tropical cyclone season lasts. Now there are three of those are developing vortex.

The oldest of them, the hurricane "Kate", now subsides and goes to the expanses of the Atlantic. Although the wind speed it is still high, gusts reach 45 m / s. But he is far away from shore, which is dangerous for vessels plying vast Atlantic.

Due to the tropical storm "Nate" stopped working in oil-producing Gulf of Mexico. With platforms evacuated workers. Moreover, after the evacuation of 10 workers missing, the search for which is now underway. Now, "Nate" is near the eastern coast of Mexico, where it rains heavily. Most heavy rains at the weekend will go to the state of Veracruz. Wind gusts at the center of this cyclone than 25 m / s. Experts predict that the peak of its activity, "Nate" to reach Sunday afternoon, when the winds reach 35 m / s. But on Monday, continuing to move to the west, the cyclone will come to the land in the center of Mexico and will quickly fade.

Another tropical cyclone "Maria" as "Nate," is now under a tropical storm. He is now close to the Lesser Antilles and is moving to the north-west. The trajectory of this storm will pass along the northern boundary of the Greater Antilles, in the beginning of next week he gets close to the Bahamas, and then travel to the north, in the direction of Bermuda. Now wind gusts near the center of the cyclone than 25 m / s. Most heavy rains over the weekend caused by the cyclone will spill north of the Lesser Antilles and Puerto Rico. The "Mary" is just beginning his career. Next week, it has every chance of developing stage but the hurricane. So this will be a long time vortex gunpoint forecasters.


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