In northern Israel — snowfall in the center — showers

In Israel, the snow storm rages in the north and rain in its central part. Many highways closed due to flooding and high water. Forecasters predict a peak in bad weather weekend.
Snow depth at Hermon reached three meters. Snowfall in the Golan Heights continues. Classes in schools canceled. The snow is still expected in Jerusalem.

Rain in different parts of the country accompanied by strong winds. In the south, came flooding in several beds. Also in the south is still a danger of smoke that impede visibility on the roads.

It is expected that due to heavy rains the wheat harvest in Israel will be 60-65% higher than in previous years.

Of the heavy snow, which is observed during the last days in the north of Israel, was in 1992.

In Jerusalem, on the eve of sleet, but according to a weather forecast on Friday, March 2, the air temperature in the capital even more drop. Snowfall, forecasters believed to begin in the morning and continue until noon, and then resume by the end of the day.

Because of the strong winds were knocked down dozens of trees. In some areas of damaged power lines, which led to the suspension in the supply of electricity.

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Israel covered the storm: rainfall, wind, snow

February 29. Bad weather, which began in Israel last night, will continue until Shabbat. Throughout the days will rain, accompanied by strong gusts of wind, which sometimes reaches a speed of 75 km / h

Since last night the rain in the north and center of the country, and it is slowly spreading to the south of Israel. Most rainfall was still in Ashdod — 16 mm. In Tel Aviv — 15 mm in the mountains of the Galilee — 12, and in Jerusalem — 7 mm. Forecasters warn of flooding in low-lying areas and flooding in urban areas. It is recommended to protect the home in case of strong winds.

Storm intensified by Thursday and Friday will reach its climax when the snow will go to the north and in Jerusalem. At this point, it is unknown whether the capital is cold enough to snow accumulated on the sidewalks. However, forecasters are warning of a significant decrease in temperature in the coming days, and in Jerusalem, it may be less than zero.

Source: Cursor


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