In Siberia, there were two mini-earthquakes


* 08/16/11 * August 15, 2011, seismologists recorded tremors in Buryatia and Tuva.

As "Uralinformbyuro" in the Press Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Irkutsk region, a magnitude 3.4 earthquake occurred at 7:30 am Moscow time in the Buryat village Kichera in the northern part of Lake Baikal.

At 14.02 Moscow time Baikal seismic station recorded an earthquake of magnitude 4.1 in Tuva — 100 kilometers from the village Orlik. Destruction and victims.

As the director of the Geophysical Service of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences Viktor Seleznev, in the next two years in Siberia, in particular, in Yakutia, expected increase in seismic activity, RIA "Novosti". The most earthquake-prone regions of Siberia is now considered the Kemerovo region.

Source: Uralinformbyuro

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