In southern China from drought dried hundreds of rivers

Drought does not end in the southern Chinese province of Yunnan. Currently, there are already hundreds of dried rivers and reservoirs, as well as much of the crop. Millions of peasants are experiencing water shortages.

According to the information, which was announced on February 29 held in Kunming meeting on measures to combat the effects of drought, all 112 weather stations of Yunnan record drought varying degrees.

Kuhn Chuychzhu, deputy governor of the province, said that as a result of a three-year drought in the province 273 dry river completely dry 413 small reservoirs.

In addition, the drought has completely destroyed the harvest in the area of 62 480 hectares. The main part of the destruction of crops is wheat.

Yunnan Province is one of the largest manufacturers in China sugar cane. Each year, the area of this culture there are taken over 315 thousand hectares. Currently, about 90% of them were influenced by drought, it is assumed that the yield will be lower by 1.5 million tons.

In ephemeral ponds also increases the concentration of various pollutants that fall back from landfills and fields on which to get a good crop in a lot of chemicals are used.

According to official figures at the end of 2010, the province Yunna not have access to safe water, 12.4 million farmers, 75% of whom live in mountainous areas.

Local meteorologists have reported that in March and April in the province is expected sunny. At present the total water reserves in Yunnan account for 4.3 billion cubic meters, which is 1.77 billion cubic meters less than in the previous year.

Residents of many villages have to travel over water, overcoming distance of 8-10 km, and in some mountain areas in the county there are no water, and occasionally bring in a very limited quantity.

County residents Lulyan named Juan, told The Epoch Times, which brought water to them once a week at the rate of 50 liters per family.

"This water is very small, we have to use the same water over and over again for different needs. Bathing for us has long been a luxury. I have not washed for two months ", — says Juan.

In the village of Furong, where more than a thousand people, the peasants in search of water held in the mountains for four days. As a result, they were able to find only one source. After that, they formed the "Association for the use of water" to save water from this source, so it will last a long time.

According to farmers, the government can not solve the problem of drought, so they just have to wait, "saving rains."


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