In the near future warming in Europe is expected to

Four Russian train passengers who, because of snow and drifts meter stuck in Romania and Bulgaria will continue its way. More than a day spent our compatriots in the border with Romania station. Railroad tracks covered with snow there, to clear them until now not possible. On Friday, passengers transplanted to other trains and dovezut to Bucharest, where they will travel to Sofia. Those who went from the Bulgarian capital to Moscow, provide buses. Meanwhile, 30-degree frosts and snowstorms do not leave Europe. The Balkans frozen river suspended shipping on the Danube, from frostbite already died 480 people.

Main river artery of Central and Eastern Europe Icy: frozen Danube from the Black Sea to Austria. Navigation closed in Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria, hundreds of ships in the ports are blocked, and those who did not manage to approach the shore, frozen into the ice. Pa entire length of the river rescue unfold. The Danube, which links ten European countries and is a major transportation route and source of electricity, freeze continues with unprecedented speed.

The new temperature record set in Bulgaria: 28 degrees below zero. Reported already about three dozen dead. But one frost bad weather is not limited to: the Black Sea resort of Varna collapsed five-meter waves, the storm is raging the second day. In Serbia, the number of victims of frost reached 13, the evacuation of remote villages abandoned army units, people take out helicopters. In just two weeks of frost across Europe died from hypothermia for more than 450 people, dozens of people have been victims of accidents caused by the weather.

In the south of France near the town Gryuissan, known for its picturesque ponds, local residents found dozens of dead flamingos. According to environmentalists, such large-scale mortality of rare birds are not seen in almost 30 years. Director of the League for Protection of Birds Department Aude Morlon Francis said: "The birds were victims of cold, 10 days of cold weather weakened them, and on Monday there were wind gusts up to 120 kilometers per hour. Flamingo did not have enough strength to get up in the air, and swamps froze with them. "

The authorities in Paris for the first time in several years have brought to watch the city's only barge-breaker. It follows along the canals of Paris, punching way tourist water bus, so that navigation on the Seine is not stopped. Mario Korbize boatman, explained: "When people see an even layer of ice, many people want to walk on it, but it is very dangerous, because the ice is quite thin. Our icebreaker not only helps other ships, but cautions people from walking on the ice."

But the Amsterdam canals turned into skating rinks and ice are so durable, that stands not only skaters, and cyclists. Dutch hope that if the cold continues, the authorities will be able to organize the traditional 200-mile race on the horses, which is not held for 15 years because of global warming.

European meteorologists forecast changed again. If a few days ago, they said that freezing will stop at the end of the week, but now the heat does not promise, at least until the end of February. This news is not only frustrating accustomed to mild winters of ordinary Europeans, and government officials as well as record cold mean record as the cost of energy, and it all happens in the midst of the debt crisis.


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