In the Novosibirsk region earthquake


14.01.11.Podzemnye point force of 3.5 points were recorded in Suzun district.

Even on the night of January 2, villagers Malysheva Porotnikovo Kargapolova and heard a strange sound, like an explosion. Many villagers in panic ran outside with hastily gathered belongings. In the morning the "explosions" ceased.

Long time residents of three villages were perplexed about what happened, and just the other day vyyasnilast cause "explosions." As it became known, in Malyshevskoe Kargapolovskogo village councils and district Suzun recorded earthquake of 3.5 points, with the epicenter in Kamenka region. No injuries or damage.

The last time such an event in the area was recorded September 27, 2003. Then in the region were marked tremors and a half to four on the Richter scale. Especially shook the upper floors in the Novosibirsk. And the highest of engineering construction — TV tower — rocked about two minutes.
A very strong oscillations of the earth's crust took place in 1882, when the city, thankfully, has not happened.

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