Institute of Steel begins to create protective equipment on the basis of polyethylene armor

Institute of Steel begins to produce protective equipment on the basis of polyethylene armorInstitute of Steel — one of the leading Russian developer of personal protective equipment, signed a contract for the supply of an experimental polyethylene armor elements from abroad. In the case of positive test results, will open a discussion the possibility of establishing the first production in Russia plastic armor.

Polyethylene armor under various brands currently done in the U.S., Holland, France, Germany, Israel, China and is already widely used not only in body armor and helmets, and the booking of military equipment — the tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, aircraft, military courts.

The main advantages of this technology is that ordinary cellophane after special treatment gets unique mechanical properties. The composite material of such two times lighter ravnostoykoy metal armor. Specialists believe that this material lead exactly to that of the Revolution in defense, which once made the famous "Kevlar". Our homeland, unfortunately, as long as these materials and does not protect our developers in the best case, use plastic armor, bought abroad.

On the basis of the acquired armor elements in the Institute was to develop a brand new line of body armor and started creating their series. Tests of new products have shown that they are in what is not inferior to the best world standards. However, according to the institute, the prospects for the new material can open up only when he begins to run specifically in Russia.

This may assist in municipal finance programs from materials science perspective, as well zabugornom intensive cooperation with partners in the Russian companies to transfer equipment and production technology plastic armor or joint production.

"We believe that this is the only sure way to eliminate the rapidly enabling the emerging gap between the most developed countries in the field of personal body armor," — said the president of Institute of Steel Director of Science, Academician RARAN, Ph.D., Dr. Valery Grigoryan Armenakovich.

JSC "Research Institute of Steel" — the largest in Russia developer and manufacturer of all-encompassing system of protection: body armor, bronekomplektov, helmets, electric shock batons, shields, blast inhibitors, rentgenozaschity, fire protection equipment, security systems, encompassing the heavy and light armored vehicles and stationary objects. Since 2010, has been run by the MCC "Concern" Tractor Plants "(included in the Machinery & Industrial Group NV). Conducts intensive cooperation with JSC "Kurgan" in the polls creation and modernization of defense for the BMP and BMD.

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