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Iranian military displayed as a trophy new South American drone
Iranian TV footage showed the captured drone South American production ScanEagle, suggesting that it belongs to the South American Navy. South American leadership claims that the drone did not lose. Experts believe that Iranian experts were able to decipher the encryption system control U.S. drones and now often fail to put them on their airfields.

Iranian militants seized in their own territorial waters in the Gulf South American unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) type ScanEagle. On Tuesday said Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi of the Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC).

Admiral explained that spice managed to grab control of the remote control system of the drone, who led the exploration. Footage captured drone Iranian TV showed.

How mean Iranians UAV was launched from the ship of the U.S. Navy. These drones are based on the floating base U.S. Navy SEALs «Ponce» in the Persian Gulf.

But the command of the U.S. Navy said that the Navy did not lose any in the area of ​​aircraft. «All UAV operating in the Middle East, who are registered with the U.S. Navy. Their flights over the Gulf are exclusively in international airspace. There is no evidence that not so long ago we lost one of the drones ScanEagles », — quotes RIA» News «representative naval command.

This, however, contradicts Iran vserasprostranennym pictures in which, allegedly, one South American drone fell into the hands of the Iranian military.

As observers, the U.S. is not the only country in the region using ScanEagle. Vtochnosti same drones have the army of the United Arab Emirates. Shown on Iranian UAV no identification characters, because you find exactly who it belonged to, is somewhat unrealistic.

Recall, ScanEagle Boeing Company made the first successful flight in April 2002. It was designed as a cheap operation and small radius act — within the limits of 100 km. The device shoots using a pneumatic catapult and can be flown in the program from the pledged route on the highest elevation of about 500 meters. ScanEagle length of about a meter and a wingspan — more than 3 meters. The highest rate — more than 120 km per hour. Lands apparatus using technology SkyHook, at which it on the fly in the air clings to the rope hanging from a 30-meter mast.

In spring 2008, Boeing announced the successful completion of testing with an ultra-lightweight ScanEagle radar side-looking synthetic aperture NanoSAR as payload. Such radar processes the information on board the UAV and transmits to the ground in the form of images. Also drone resettled infrared camera to capture the position of both stationary and moving objects.

Last incident of violation of Iranian air space, took place on 1 November, when the South American UAV MQ-1 Predator made a reconnaissance flight over the city and was attacked Hark with 2 Iranian aircraft. South American side claimed that the drone was in international airspace. The incident with the MQ-1 led to the exchange of recriminations between newcomer Washington and Tehran.

Add that this is not the first case when the ayatollah regime brings about capturing the South American drone. A year earlier, the Iranian air defenses in the east of the country was hit by a drone Lockheed Martin RQ-170 Sentinel. At the same time, according to the Iranian press, the unit was struck by cyber attack Iranian security forces. Later in the Western press reported that Iranian electronic warfare drone was not shot down, and «planted» it using the complex «Depot» Russian production.

Yet if Washington recognized loss drone, saying that the device is at the disposal of the Iranian military because it appeared on the board of technical difficulties. And President Barack Obama even asked to return the RQ-170. But Tehran has refused, demanding an apology for the violation of the air space, and promised to do from this point on the production of such models in their own factories.

In April, Tehran announced that spetsy decode data from the drone. Chairman of the parliamentary committee on national security and foreign policy Alaeddin Boroujerdi referred success «turning Fri technological abilities in Iran.»

Likely drone barter

Doctor of the Academy of Military Sciences, project director for the ordinary weapons PIR Vadim Kozyulin noted that the lack of identification symbols on bespilotnike — ordinary practice in conducting similar missions.

«However, the origin of the aircraft will be easy to install assembly, components, tactical use. United States — the first suspect as often launches drones everywhere, reserving the right to prospect over the territory of other states. «

Himself Boeing ScanEagle, views on professional inferior class captured in the year before the South American UAV RQ-170 Sentinel. Kozyulin added that Our homeland is not yet able to create drones such level as required to obtain their main units abroad. «In Russia, at least four fundamental components to create drones can not because we buy Israeli.»
Experts now tend to trust the statement was made in April Boroujerdi that engineers decode stuffing drone. First vice-president of the Academy of Geopolitical problems, Doctor of Military Sciences, Captain I rank supplies Konstantin Sivkov carefully told the gaze of how the drone could be captured.

«Managing drones carried out by special sverhtehnologichny telecode networks with special protection, including software. Office drones usually try to make with the help of directional antennas such makarom that the signal from the antenna on the UAV did in the space of a narrow beam. And to take control, you need to get exactly this antenna beam. And for this you need to know where the appropriate design elements are placed, «- explained Sivkov.

Sivkova version, able to contact radar, which operates through the «side lobes» on this bespilotnike. And just through these «side lobes» the Iranians were able to «climb» and provide interception. Automation drone took a wrong signal for the real UAV control, and actual signal excluded.

Next Iranians, the expert considers that could not only take control and management, and to land the plane, which is also rather difficult task.

«Obviously, this is a tremendous achievement of the Iranian military and scientific thought. It meets the latest standards — said Sivkov. — And now if Iran does not have some kind of military technology intercontinental missiles, it is associated only with neuvvyazkami materials science and the like. «

Sivkov and Kozyulin not exclude that Tehran allow Chinese and Russian professionals to the aircraft. «Another thing is that no one in this never admit — Kozyulin warned. — But I do not doubt that all the countries who have hope of getting access to it, try to do it — with Russia and China in the first place. » Sivkov presented with his own hand, that Tehran may go for it in exchange for some kind of information — «barter.»

Andrew Rezchikov Ekaterina Ermakova

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