New cars Panhard at Eurosatory 2012

New cars Panhard at Eurosatory 2012Panhard General Defence, a favorite in France in the field of light armored vehicles weighing up to 15 tons of shows at the Eurosatory 2012 exhibition of the entire line of its products — fighting machines, communication and support, and the line of remotely controlled weapon systems.

Several new machines — Sphinx and CRAB — Extend the ability of the Army.

CRAB, a candidate in the program Scorpion VBAE (armored machine maintenance and support), connects the inside several new technologies that have been put Panhard: Secure cocoon for the crew and the integration of weapon systems with remote control. It allows you to achieve a low profile and light weight, while providing all of this outstanding for this weight class level of protection. CRAB may simply be due to its ability spanned three vehicles positioned give battle configuration in the A400M. This machine considerable firepower.

Sphinx, a candidate in the program Scorpion EBRC (military intelligence armored buggy) corresponds to the concept of highly mobile armored platforms — thanks to the power density of more than 30 hp / ton Firepower of the tower provides Lockheed Martin with a 40 mm cannon gun CTA. This machine will allow to significantly reduce costs through a very pretty price current cycle.

HORNET — a tower with a remote control, developed together with Sagem industrial scheme, which has been applied in the development of WASP. It can be mounted 12.7-mm machine gun or a 40mm grenade launcher. Its design allows you to lower the overall height, it is possible to use numerous additional systems.

In addition, Panhard showed a family of vehicles — derived from the VBL and PVP — these machines have already proven themselves in the French army, and extensive vserasprostraneny abroad.

Two thousand and three VBL has already been made and prior to the current day or used in operations throughout the world. They were offered in a 20 5 different versions, adapted for a wide range of tasks: combat, special operations, intelligence, surveillance and intervention for national defense and national security of France. Panhard at the present time offers to VBL in the newest version Mk2, in which engine replaced with a new 140 hp. VBL Mk2 already made for Kuwait.

PVP, PVP HD or Gavial Plus, as PVP XL bow category of machines weighing from 5 to twelve tons. PVP with their level of protection 2 (on STANAG 4569) and a payload of one tonne they weigh only 5.5 tons. PVP HD with a mass in the competition with seven tons devyatitonnoy armor. PVP XL (with ballistic and mine protection STANAG Level 4 as 3-ton payload) vies with chetyrnadtsatitonnymi machines while he weighs twelve tons.

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