New movie 2011: Cowboys against intruders

New movie 2011: "Cowboys & Aliens"

The inhabitants of America have already waited dazzling premiere cinema novelties 2011, based on the graphic novel by a popular destination — "Cowboys against intruders!" Most likely, mixed genre movie is not aroused great interest among many viewers, since westerns usually own age audience, and science fiction movies about intruders looks at the vast number of young. You can already read about the not entirely successful launch of new items movie 2011, because first-charges were mild and unlikely to take a leading position to succeed. Yet movie came out good and it should look at everything.

The plot of the movie takes place in the news a remote provincial town America, where comes the mysterious cowboy, with otshiblennoy memory. All that will be possible to return to the thread of memory — the extraordinary shackles on his wrist. The inhabitants of the province is very scared constant raids intruders from outer space, which at one point in attack and then disappear into the sky. The main character is the only hope of salvation from the heavenly creatures, looting and kidnapping of peaceful inhabitants of the city.

In an episode of new items to the role of two hundred movies Redskins, actress performing a major role starred absolutely naked. "It was an exciting and fun experience" — report to it after the end of the evening when the scene.

The main problem in the development of movie "Cowboys against intruders" was a hat that had a very long time to pick up the head of the hero. Effects and tricks — it is nothing in comparison with the image of the hero. As the saying goes, the whole thing was a hat. It should not be like a headdress known Indiana Jones. One of the writers admitted that he had on that creators of new items movie very long time crush his head.

Novelty movie started on July 29 in America and already 11 August Russian viewers will be able to behold it on the screens of Russian cinema. Movie will not be produced in the fashionable stereoscopic format.

South American film score was a bit above average. What did we'll see how the movie will appreciate the unusual inhabitants of the Russian Federation and other countries.

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