On a visit to the yeti for a modest fee. Continued part 4

The mayor of Saratov became interested in green men

In the Saratov region of anomalous phenomena in the conventional sense of the word has not yet appeared. About a year ago, the local press had found in Saratov "enters the flat," where all flew, fell, split and flammable. Firefighters then complained to reporters at a constant calls and neighbors "bad" apartments — on the systematic noise. At the address went even Orthodox priest, but the real fame innocent victims "Barabashka" and failed: on the one published in the press did not get.
A few years ago on the outskirts of Engels showed up "Bigfoot." On his quest also visited by representatives of the local press, and even, then wrote caught. However, sitting in the car trunk freedom-loving furry miracle did not want to and immediately fled. So fast that it did not have time to take pictures.

To the category of anomalous phenomena in Saratov, a well can be attributed to the existence of the regional center of the club dating with aliens. The organization is called the "center" and for their services does not take a penny. However, all those who need regularly marries and marries, and the aliens, according to the owners' Center, "is none other than as biblical characters — the angels, archangels, and even Jesus Christ himself.
In Saratov, opened a special "center" where completely free of saving the world by entering into marriage in heaven. By the way, the evil tongues say that has recently become a regular at places of Saratov Mayor Yury Aksenenko. And that work is nervous, unstable political situation, we have to hope for heaven.

Scientists argue that every phenomenon in nature is a scientific explanation. But if all explained by science, there will be no miracles. And in our time to live without belief in miracles? Or, at least, to the fact that descend from the heavens and the little green men will impose order on the last planet.

In preparing the material used the information of its own correspondents "NG" Svetlana Bocharovoj (Saratov), Sergei Kez (St Petersburg), Alexei Kolesov (Krasnoyarsk), Vladimir Terletskogo (Ekaterinburg), Alexander Shapovalov (Rostov-on-Don).

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