On the coast of USA is a hurricane century

Five U.S. states introduced a state of emergency, in one of them — "willingness number one." Because of the approach of a powerful hurricane "Irene" in New York City residents were evacuated en masse. Experts say that the consequences of an attack would be a disaster century.

Forecasters predict that the "Irene" will reach the U.S. coast on Saturday morning. The first will be on her way to North Carolina, there has already been declared the highest level of risk. Washington expected to reach hurricane Sunday. Just assumed the disaster zone resides 55 million people. The state of emergency, except Carolina, entered in New York, Maryland, Virginia and New Jersey.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg urged New Yorkers to keep the items and documents ready, stock up on drinking water, first aid kit, essential things. While the typhoon threatened districts of the city, located in the lowlands. In Carolina and Maryland declared evacuation: people leave the resort towns and barrier islands, after hiding the windows of houses with plywood boards. Ferries crowded involve all boats, roads and bridges have traffic jams. Recall, on the eve of the threat forced evacuation of U.S. Navy ships and submarines with his

Flights to expected disaster areas already canceled, the National Guard is preparing for the rescue operation. Scientists from the National Center for the Study of hurricanes scare Americans, arguing that if the "Irene" suddenly loosens, it will be event of the century, noted, "Times Online".

The threat of the hurricane disrupted the official opening ceremony in the U.S. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, scheduled for Sunday, August 28. Most likely, it will be rescheduled for September or October. The ceremony was to take part, U.S. President Barack Obama. Was expected to meet Sunday at a memorial to the 250,000 people, according to RIA Novosti.

Recall, according to meteorologists, the third category of hurricane risk on Saffir-Simpson scale, "Irene" has already passed through the territory of Cuba, Haiti, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, moving at a speed of over 190 kilometers per hour.

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