Petrozavodskmash made the first set of buildings MCP for NPP-2

At the production site of JSC "AEM technology", JSC "Petrozavodskmash" (included in the Engineering Division of Rosatom — AtomEnergoMash), made the first set of towers of the main circulation pumps (MCP) designed for the power unit № 2 of Leningrad NPP-2.


A set of four spherical shells with lower spacers put of "CDBMB" where the body starting internals before delivery to the end customer. Two buildings have already been shipped, the other two is planned to ship in the first quarter of 2013

As the head of the order of JSC "AEM technology" Alexey Shevtsov, direct work on the case of MCP began in 2010, as this equipment refers to products with long production. Forgings in the industrial cooperation has put Ukrainian factory "EMSS" drawings — CDBMB (both enterprises are also part of "Atomenergomash"), a working technical documentation developed by specialists of "Petrozavodskmash." The main circulation pump — the product of the first class security. The nuclear plant it circulates coolant through the pipes of the main circulation pipe from the reactor to the steam generator and back. Due to the high-class security all body joints are subjected to several types of control: radiographic, ultrasonic and dye penetrant.

Weight MCP is 31.5 m with a width of 3.5 m and a height of 3 m is attached to the body of suspension, the so-called spacer, along with her weight of the product reaches 48 tons

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