Predictions of global warming predictions changed the Ice Age

Scientists continue to frighten mankind global cataclysms. So recently the world prepare for global warming. To combat this phenomenon has contributed more than $ 10 billion. More recently, the UN has raised the issue of banning myasoedstva. They say the greatest emissions of CO2 produced meat processing plants. But the anomalous cold in Europe and Russia, dramatically changed all forecasts. So the heat will not be.Now that is on the ground in 2 years will begin a new Ice Age.
A simple man, with such diametrical projections raises two questions: what, scientists do not really know nothing, or they beat out for the funding?So what happens to the climate for real? This time let's not ask the scientists.
Such statements about the coming end of the world is heard regularly.Where once such "predictions" did the priests and the prophets, but now their place firmly occupied scientists. And they can understand — no responsibility if the forecast does not come true, then people do not dress down, on the contrary, even thanked.

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