Ring of Fire: Watch prerequisites for wild earthquake in the United States-Mexico

A number of scientists, observing the renewed seismic activity in the Pacific ring of fire, alarmed potential signs of "megazemletryaseniya" that could break out in the region near the U.S. and Mexico.

For example, the Institute of Physics of the Earth im.Shmidta said at the weekend that the 6.2-magnitude earthquake that dented Mexico last Saturday — "a potential precursor" is much more powerful, which will be at leastmagnitude from 7.5 to 8.3 points, and soon to hit the region US-Mexico border.

Scientists forecast is based on the analysis of many other seymicheskih events, including, for example, 4.1-magnitude earthquake in Mexico that occurred on January 18. It is noted that the observed region-specific increase in temperature of the atmosphere is also associated with earthquakes, and usually not observed.

The Institute says that seismic awakening region indicates the potential for future catastrophic seismic and volcanic events.

Note that the analysis of the Russian scientists used data from satellite MODIS — managed by NASA, but whose data is available for observation.

These data allowed us to detect the rapid heating of the atmosphere above earthquake zones is now widely seen as one of the reliable signs of the coming cataclysm. In particular, this phenomenon has been observed in three days before the Japanese earthquake and tsunami in 2011.


Source: aftershock.su.

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