Scientists on Earth begins to form a new ocean

British researchers are convinced that in the near future will change shape the African continent. Part of the Ethiopian and Somali territory secede, lost in the "free floating". Its place will be a new ocean.

Satellite observations of the past few years have shown that even in 2005, the earthquake in Ethiopia immediately the crack, which was eight feet wide, and up to sixty miles.

Seismologist James Gemmond Bristol University says that these processes split almost identical with those that occur on the ocean floor. And it is a sure sign that in the future this place zapleschetsya sea. After some time there, scientists project that must form a new ocean, which will be connected to the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea.

Gemmond argues that some parts of the region, where the earthquake was a great crack, are far below the level of the sea. In this case, the ocean is cut off from the territory dvadtsatimetrovym only piece of land in Eritrea. Therefore, sooner or later the wall will collapse and the water poured into the valley. That is what marks the beginning of the story of yet another ocean on the globe.

However, this event will not happen soon — in a million years. Although by the standards of the movement of continents is very fast.


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