Season of tropical storms in the Atlantic will be more crowded

For the whole of July in the Atlantic Ocean was quite a small number of tropical storms. Total projected there should have been 12, five of which will become hurricanes and two hurricanes increased strength. However, the new data is added to the expected list of eight new tropical systems, four of which will become hurricanes. Of these four, under favorable conditions, severe storms to 3 hazard categories in August and September 2012, will develop two more.

At the moment, the temporal boundaries of the peak cyclone season has not changed, only the frequency of increased formation of new climate patterns. At the moment the embryo is a cyclone over the northern part of Guatemala, Belize and over on the Yucatan Peninsula. He regularly brings on land scattered precipitation, but the probability that it will turn into a real storm in the next 48 hours, is extremely small.
In 1120 km east-southeast of Bermuda, is another area of low pressure, which over time can grow into a tropical storm number 7. Warm water and a lack of strong wind will contribute only its appearance. So far, it constrain dry air masses arrived from the Sahara desert. As of August 15, 2012, future storm moving west at 30 km / h, the speed of the wind in the system is 55 km / h
Most likely, by the Bermuda storm causes no harm, and a fair wind will drive away rain clouds to the Azores in the week. Faced with the cold mass on the way to Europe, the storm may finally lose its potential.Source:
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