Second giant ice broke away from Greenland

  New photos of a massive glacier in northern Greenland have revealed a surprising rate of decay. In August 2010, part of a glacier broke off Petermann is about four times more of the island of Manhattan. Researcher Alan Hubbard, a glaciologist at the University Center for the UK, said by phone that the other part is approximately twice as large in New York, was close to the fault. In 2009, scientists discovered GPS-mast on the glacier to track its movement. Channel about ten miles wide. But when they returned in July this year, they found that the ice is melting very quickly — 16 and a half feet in two years — that some of the mast installed on the glacier were no longer in that position. Hubbard, who is working with Jason Window, of Ohio State University, said in a statement published in the Polar Research Center, scientists are still trying to figure out how fast the glacier moved. But he said he was shocked by the difference between 2009 and 2011, the year when he visited the glacier at the end of July. "Although I knew from satellite images of what to expect in terms of ice loss, but all the same I was not prepared for this result, which caused me to lose the power of speech, he said in a statement."MSNBC

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