Signs of the apocalypse

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Beginning of 2012 is rich not only in the events in politics, economics, and the number of accidents occurred, events and incidents. The fact that this year will be a turning point for humanity, and the scientists say, and the astrologers, yet comforting, that end of the world does not, and the Mayan prediction of an era of spiritual enlightenment or the apocalypse — a pure superstition. Despite the opinions of experts, which occurs spontaneously raises questions about the coming revolution, because the incident with huge losses and damage to mankind occur at lightning speed. So, remember that 2012 brought us in just three weeks of his start.

Tragedy on the water continues

Already on January 4 in the Sea of Okhotsk, near the South Kuril Islands, suffered a disaster transport refrigerator "Irina". When you try to anchor the ship was damaged, the water started to enter the engine room, so that the engine failure. Closest to the area of the accident was the ship "Tatarstan", it evacuated 19 people on board. Carry out the operation as quickly as possible is not possible, as wind gusts reached 30 meters per second, and the waves reach up to 6 meters in height. Yet sailors were evacuated. Note that in the holds of the refrigerator was 500 tons of frozen fish and 150 tonnes of oil products.
After four days off the coast of New Zealand split the Greek cargo ship "Rena", which was stranded there three months ago. Then the ship has leaked about 350 tonnes of heavy fuel oil. Residual fuel, presumably of 100 tons, which at that time did not have time to pump, can cause the same environmental disaster, which occurred in October of last year. Note, it was not long, as the coast of the Antarctic South Korean trawler caught fire. On board the fishing vessel was about 40 sailors, including those from Russia. Presumably, three people were killed in the cabins and three received severe burns. The crew members were safely evacuated.
And, of course, has not gone unnoticed tragedy happened on the night of January 14. Off the coast of Italy ran aground huge cruise liner Costa Concordia. The ship was a huge hole at 70 meters in length, after a stone struck the reef. Now the vessel is heeled on the reefs. Notable is the fact that the ship has been dubbed the second "Titanic" as the tragedy with this ship occurred exactly 100 years ago on the night of April 14. Note: on-board "Concordia" was more than four thousand people, including 111 — citizens of Russia. According to recent data, more than 11 people died and 20 are still unaccounted for. Currently, experts decipher the "black boxes" and restore the whole course of events in the time on deck. According to investigators, the accident occurred because of the dangerous maneuver the ship's captain, who led the liner too close to land to make greeting people on the shore. In addition, at the moment alarmed environmentalists because the tanks "Concord" is still a lot of fuel leakage which may occur due to a severe storm at sea, as the probability that the ship will sink, very high .

"Explosion" January

Together with those on the ship is not without its terrorist attacks and bombings. First, there were hundreds of injured in serial blasts in Iraq, and then 26 people were killed and 63 injured as a result of suicide bombings in Syria. In addition, a powerful explosion occurred at the entrance to the capital of Mordovia apartment building. As a result, injured two people.
In the New Year holidays and the incident did not pass by Moscow. January 9 in the south-west of the capital in one of the Italian restaurants in the explosion. According to investigators, the cause were gas cylinders, used for cooking. Shock were shattered windows in the apartments adjacent apartment building. As a result, PE killed 3 people and more than 30 injured.

Snow Africa

Also note that the beginning of 2012 "gave" abnormal natural phenomena countries for which, it would seem like that at all uncommon. A huge number of people affected by the disaster in the UK, in the Baltic, Sweden, England, Germany, where wind gusts reached 40 — 100 meters per second and storms raged for a long time. In place of the winds came the heavy rains and floods, which resulted in the water were hundreds of acres of land. In addition, abnormal amount of snow, wind and snowstorm hindered position tourists and residents of Switzerland, Austria, where the snowfall nipped wire stops the trains were full of all the roads and closed the slopes. It would seem, for the inhabitants of the Austrian Alps, the snow is not a novelty, but this precipitation was not expecting anyone. And most real snowfall weather gave North Africa, where the snow drifts was the Sahara desert, the inhabitants of the national park and plants. The result is that some tourists were forced to prematurely leave the province.
All of the above is only the most notable events, apart from them there were accidents in the rail sector, oil refineries and more. Note that all this happened only three weeks of the new year. What awaits us in the future, of course, is still unknown, but we believe that all happened in such a short time is not a "symptom" beginning of the end

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