Smell of hydrogen sulfide in Dnepropetrovsk


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18.11.11.So yesterday morning from residents of different regions of Dnipropetrovsk started to complain of a terrible stench.

People with Kosiora Pridneprovskaya, Working report of a strong odor of hydrogen-sulfide, which is felt in the streets, including — in the city center.

Here's what they write about it, users Forum:

— Journalists and Kosior breathe, you can lose consciousness, sour!

— On Kalinovoe in Obraztsova is also stink.

— The smell of hydrogen sulfide was like last week. I go out in the evening to work in the center, it stinks! I arrive to the workers, the same thing! With it in the morning the smell not.

— Yesterday morning smelled terribly top Karl Marla, in the historical museum, went down for the country, the same garbage.

— Damn, now I'm going on the area near the arcade, there stinks terribly, I first looked closer to her, checked the soles, then I started to look closely to the surrounding reality.

— Walking with a child, so too waved sole check (Pridneprovskaya).

— From morning to smell Berezanovke, now in the center — the same thing, with Gagarin also confirmed stinks.

— The area also Ostrovsky Square all day stank.

The journalists managed to get through to the press-service of "Dneprovodokanala." Communal confirmed that the problem is there, but what was the cause of it — is still unknown.

— The stench in the city is due to problems with sanitation. True, what exactly problems — we do not know. We are already dealing with this issue, — Said the "Vodokanal"

Denis Motorin Eugene Lisitsyn

Source: In the city of Dnepropetrovsk

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