Solar flash class X2

X-FLARE: Earth-orbiting satellites have detected an X2-class solar flare from sunspot 1283. The explosion, which occured at 2220 UT on Sept. 6th, appears to have hurled a CME toward Earth. This is the second time today that sunspot 1283 has propelled a plasma cloud in our general direction (see also "Earth-directed Flare," below). Stay tuned for estimates of their arrival times. Solar flare alerts: text, voice.

EARTH-DIRECTED FLARE: This morning at 0150 UT, sunspot 1283 produced an M5.3-class solar flare. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the flash of extreme ultraviolet radiation:

Because of the sunspot's central location on the solar disk, the eruption was Earth-directed — but is a CME heading our way? Around the time of the explosion, a number of plasma clouds were already billowing away from the sun, adding an element of confusion to the analysis. Tentatively, we expect Earth's magnetic field to receive a glancing blow from a CME on Sept. 8th or 9th. Stay tuned for updates.

Ha sun occurred powerful flash

Today from 02:12 UTC to 02:24 UTC (maximum 02:20 UTC) on the Sun there was one class X2.1 flare
Lately, solar activity steadily increases, which causes regular outbreaks of medium and high level.
Intense solar flares can harm the orbiter and endanger astronauts. In addition, there is always a risk of damage to power grids on the ground. For protection from the sun's surprises even NASA launched the program "Solar Shield" — assembled satellite information about the activity of the star will be promptly processed in the data center. After receiving information about the time of the magnetic storm, computers must promptly disable the transformer stations, except for their withdrawal from service due to a geomagnetic disturbance.

On the Sun last week significantly increased the number of spots. Just a week ago on our luminary, there were 16, but now their number has increased to 42.

Astronomers studying the activity of the sun, are five categories of flares (from weak to strong) — A, B, C, M, X

Number defines the gradation within the class. Thus, the outbreak occurred today is a powerful (for example, in March 2011 there was an outbreak capacity X1.5)

In the NASA space observatory warned — increased solar activity, there have been several strong flares on this star and they will continue. On the surface of the Earth magnetic storms expected high class.

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