Stormy weather in the UK. Photographic

Truck overturned due to high winds on the highway A66 in County Durham.
The UK hit storm. Wind gusts exceeding 100 miles per hour.

A woman stands in front of his damaged home in Raterglene, Scotland.

Operating free street from the collapsed tree that blocked the way.

Strong waves beat against the pier in Dover.

Tree collapsed on the car in Havant, Hampshire.

A man stands on the pier at Whitby.

Man is heavy rain in Bristol.

Truck lying on its side on the bridge of Kingston.

Fallen tree lying across the sidewalk near Queens Park in Glasgow.

The movement of trains on the Glasgow Central Station was suspended.

People go to London Bridge in heavy rain and wind.

Collapsed trees blocked the two lanes on the highway M74 near Bothwell service station in South Lanarkshire.

Strong waves near Sandsenda, North Yorkshire.

Shops have been hit hard by the storm in Shirley, Southampton.

Cyclist put on his shoes packets during heavy rain in London.

Some houses in Glasgow caused by high winds fell off the roof.


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