The ancient bacterium can prolong human life to 140 years

Among the permafrost in Mammoth mountain, located in Yakutia, scientists were able to find a previously unknown species of bacteria. Laboratory mice were those organisms and were healthier and live longer.


Detected bacteria was named Bacillius F, it can aktivirovatsya and divided at +5 ° C Celsius. Its characteristics of proteins and some other factors suggest that it is "left behind" from modern bacteria to 3 million years. If this happens, then the information how to be the perfect wife would be particularly relevant, because the marriage would have to live more than a century.

chenye made the assumption that these bacteria have a special mechanism for the preservation of life, which allowed them to survive among extinct species.

Animals receiving a "vaccine" bacteria are around safely control rodents, but more research is required lifespan of mice of the first group was longer.

"It is confirmed that the injection of the bacteria had a favorable effect on the quality of existence in animals aged. First of all, it refers to the immunity and the rate of activation. "

The scientists also studied mice that received injections of the bacterium, using magnetic resonance imaging and found that there are 2 types of mediators that can be considered significantly elevated: glutamate and taurine, which are immunnoreguliruyuschie properties and affect the lifespan of cells.

The first of them, in addition to other tasks "responsible" for psychological stimulation, and the second — for the energy processes.
Therefore, the metabolism, the mice which were vaccinated also accelerated, and if it is calculated in accordance with age, the animals were administered bacteria which it is above 20% -30.

In addition, scientists from the United States have found that music education that was received as a child, helping to lay the foundations of longevity. Scientists have carried out observations of a group of volunteers who were divided into those with no musical education, those who had the primary music education, and those who studied music for 10 years or more. Moreover, the level of general education, health and physical condition, subjects did not differ.

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