The Lost Book of Nostradamus. 2012 could be a turning point for humanity

Surprisingly, no one has left so many puzzles as a great prophet Michel Nostradamus. Every word in his quatrains excites the minds of not only general readers but also scientists. Years pass, and humanity recognizes that Nostradamus — this is not a charlatan, who writes nonsense about the future of mankind, and describes our future in exactly one year. He, like a prophet, describes numerous events, which, after his death affected the lives of millions of people. This includes a description of the 1917 revolution, the creation and fall of the Soviet Union, the development of the atomic bomb — and it is only a small part of his predictions. His name is now at the hearing, even those who have never really been interested prophecies, astrology, and other mysteries of the universe. His predictions sometimes amazingly accurate, but sometimes the true meaning is revealed only after the prophecy has come true. Transcription of his prophecies is today.Biography of Michel NostradamusMichel Nostradamus was born around noon on Thursday, December 14, 1503 in the family of a notary Jacques Nostradamus and René de Saint-Remy. His maternal ancestors were distinguished outstanding abilities in mathematics and medicine. His father belonged to an old Jewish family, Issachar, whose representatives, whose lineage was carried by Issachar, the fifth son of Jacob by Leah, was attributed to the special gift of prophecy. Name Nostradamus (Notre Dame) is an indication that the treatment of his father in the Catholic faith took place in the church of the Virgin Mary. According to the customs of the time, the name of Notre Dame was replaced Latinized "Nostradamus". Nostradamus ancestors of the father were Jewish Sephardim who emigrated from the persecution of the Catholic Ferdinand, Isabella of Castile, and the Holy Inquisition to Provence, where there was a relative religious tolerance. Ancestors inherited from the Arabs the healing arts and the tendency to kabbalah. Familiarity with the philosophy of antiquity made affirming the Greco-Roman pantheon, however, and, perhaps, closer to Nostradamus than traditional religion of Christianity.Nostradamus received his early education at home under the guidance of maternal grandfather, Jean de Saint-Remy. It is able to instill in the child's grandfather is so hot love to comprehend the mysteries of the sky that has since became known around the young Michel as nothing but "a little stargazers." After the death of his grandfather Nostradamus went to Avignon, and devoted himself to the study of the whole complex of the humanities, which included rhetoric and philosophy. Then, in the age of 22, he entered the famous at the time in Europe, the University of Montpellier, famous for its medical school.In 1526, at Aix found him plague. As had already skilled pharmacist, Nostradamus invented the anti-plague agent, the recipe of which is set out in one of his books (an aromatic compound of herbs, which were instructed to keep the mouth to anyone who threatened contamination). Back in Montpellier in 1529, Nostradamus passed the exam for a doctorate and for a time remained associate professor of the Faculty of Medicine University of Montpellier. In 1536 Nostradamus practiced Azhane at Garonne, where he met the famous humanist Julius Caesar at the time Scaliger.In 1548 Nostradamus was invited to the Salon de Crau (Salon de Provence). There he remarried to a noble Venetian Anne-Ponzi-Zhemelle. As is clear from the letter of his son, Cesar Nostradamus, preceded the first seven centuriae first inspiration struck him in the burning of his occult writings. His visionary Nostradamus appealed to God, while the astronomical calculations and astrological calculations were his confirmation of this gift. After the publication in 1555 of the first series of his centuriae Nostradamus was invited to the court of Henry II, King of France, and August 15, 1556 arrived in Paris. Nostradamus warned King to participate in knightly combat, pointing to the danger of death. However, the king ignored the warning of Nostradamus. The prophecy came true: King Henry II died of wounds received at the tournament July 10, 1559. Curious as the fact that Nostradamus predicted the papal tiara obscure monk while Felice Peretti, who ascended the papal throne under the name of Sixtus V in 1585, after the death of prophet.In 1564 Nostradamus visited the Dowager Queen Catherine de 'Medici and his son Charles IX, and on October 18 the same year, Nostradamus was adopted by them in the castle de l' Emperi. The painting brush Denis Valverana stored in the museum of the castle, shows Catherine de Medici, sitting in a chair her son Charles IX, standing behind her, and Nostradamus, one hand is resting on an open book, and the other — on the head of naked boy — Prince Henry of Navarre, the future Henry IV. Nostradamus predicted that he would become king of France. His prediction celebrated 26 years later, in 1590, when the race of Valois died out in the male line (after the death of Henry II French throne successively occupied three of his sons, Francis II, Charles IX and Henry III), and in 1564 Charles IX appointed Nostradamus his Life physician, complained to him with 200 gold doubloons. Generosity Catherine doubled that amount.July 1, 1566 Chavigny Nostradamus said: "At dawn you will not find me alive!" Morning, July 2, 1566, he rose from his bed to avoid an asthma attack and fell dead on the bench. Eyewitnesses of the incident found that his death was peaceful. He knew the day of his death, because in June 1566 in the instance of the Ephemerides Stadiusa (Tables containing calculations of positions of planets and other celestial bodies at regular intervals) against July 2 wrote: "Here is approaching death." Nostradamus' body was laid in a coffin and buried in the Franciscan church wall — Minorites at the Salon.In 1791, in the midst of revolutionary events, a Jacobin Franciscan church burned and scattered the remains of the famous soothsayer. The next day the revolutionary found murdered near Lanson. Fulfilled and that the prophecies of Nostradamus, predicted woe to anyone who will open his grave. The urn containing the ashes of the remains of Nostradamus was re-established in the Church of St. Lawrence.During the life work of Nostradamus to be successful. Were particularly popular almanacs, calendars, with predictions for agriculture, containing secret prophecies of Nostradamus. Preserved lifetime monthly oracle at 1555-1556 years and posthumous oracle to November 1567 in the form of 141-th prediction. Together with the eleventh century, consisting of 58 shestistishy and two quatrains, and the twelfth, consisting of 11 quatrains, these works are posthumous legacy of Nostradamus."Lost Book" and predictions for 2012In 1550, Nostradamus published the first anthology with monthly predictions and continued to produce them every year until his death. Fame and high incomes they he does not seem to have brought. Came to us only such Yearbook (for 1559), in which a lot of mundane predictions of famine, epidemics, floods, but nothing more specific there. In 1555, Nostradamus published the first part of the book of the new type, the so-called "Prophecies". In its complete form, it consisted of 10 chapters of "The Century", in each of which (except the seventh, for some reason, the remaining incomplete — it quatrain 42) includes 100 quatrains, predictions. But the head does not match the centuries, and in the presentation of subjects had no chronological order.In the preface, addressed to his young son Caesar, Nostradamus wrote: "For a long time I made many predictions, far ahead of events that have since taken place in the areas of me. All this I was able to make thanks to the power of God that inspired me …. However, because of the possibility of damage, and for this, and especially for the future, I prefer to remain silent and refrain from writing these predictions. For the kingdo
m, the sects and religions will undergo tremendous changes, become diametrically opposed to the present one. And so it hardly corresponds to what would to hear the head of the kingdoms, sects, religions and faiths. And so they have condemned the fact that recognize future centuries, and that would be true. And, as the Savior said, "Do not give what is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you "(Matthew 7:6). This reason held my tongue from speech in public, and the pen from the paper. But later, referring to the coming of the common people (commun avenement), I decided in the dark and mysterious expressions still talk about the future of humanity changes, especially the ones, the ones that I anticipate using a manner that does not shake their fragile feelings. Everything should be written in an obscure manner, especially the prophetic … I was prophetic books, each of which consists of one hundred astronomical quatrains or prophecies. This eternal prophecy, because they extend from the present to 3797, the "In the part which has come down to us, "Centuries" are composed of two letters in prose (the son of Caesar and King Henry II), as well as nearly a thousand quatrains. A significant part of the quatrains that point to events after 2300, was burned so irretrievably lost. We are comforted by the fact that fate has preserved for us all that concerns our time — and the beginning of the end of the XX-XXI centuries. The predictions cover a huge period of time from 1559 to 3797 years. And Nostradamus said that he bases his prophecy on the methods of astrology that future events checked by calculating them on the planet.And more recently, the world excites book, which was found in the XIX century, and decrypt it only began in 2001. Book with 72 watercolors (drawings) is credited with Nostradamus. The so-called "Lost Book of Nostradamus" was written by him in the XVI century. She was transferred to Cardinal Barbirini in 1625. Subsequently, the book hidden for many years, the church, and found it in Italy, in the library of Rome only in 1888, but interest in this book once again emerged relatively recently — in the beginning of XXI-st century, when American researchers have undertaken to study the predictions of Nostradamus, and began to find evidence what was said in the quatrains and pictures of the events of human life.Found watercolors Nostradamus, according to scientists, combines sequence, because all of the figures at the top of a wheel of fortune, or Wheel of Time. It all starts with the sun. Lion in the Sun. It is definitely important symbol. Sun in Leo and Aquarius is the opposite, of course, is the prediction of the Galactic parade of planets, which should occur in 2012. This parade is one time in 26,000 years. When the sun is in the middle of the Milky Way.And to each image, scientists are looking for the quatrains, which may be another proof of their conjectures about certain events. One Qatran Nostradamus speaks of "the intense heat of the sun." According to the researchers, this refers to the global warming that will result in an economic crisis. Since 1998, every summer is hotter than the previous one and is a proven fact. Addition predicts possible starvation due to the great drought. Nostradamus also predicted 3 full eclipse. Scientists project that is very rare to have to come in 2012. First of all, will be a total solar eclipse, then eclipse the Sun and Venus last passage of the sun through the center of the galaxy. And on one of the pictures have drawn three eclipses.Some scientists also believe that one of the quatrains predicts the destruction of the pyramids of Giza. One forecaster says quatrains of the great city on the glass marshes, which suffer from high winds. Many believe that this prediction relates to Hurricane Katrina suffered by the U.S. city of New Orleans.But, in contrast to other predictions, such as the Maya and the Egyptians, Nostradamus does not mean that the world will end in 2012. Nostradamus says that in 2012 will begin a new cycle of humanity. But you have to go through all of us a lot of negative events.Some transcripts quatrainsMany scholars in different ways sometimes decipher the message, the quatrains of Nostradamus and watercolors. For example, in 2008 Ukrainian scientist, Ph.D. Alexander Lazarev said that he was able to decipher all the predictions of the French prophet Michel Nostradamus. "This is not a final transcript, but not in the sense that the decoded incorrectly, I believe that I deciphered correctly. Not everyone quatrains (four lines) are conclusive," — said Lazarev. He stressed that Nostradamus often described unspecified events, and technology implementation, reports ForUm.According to Lazarev, in 1102 Nostradamus quatrains and three prose works — letters — described the future history of mankind to the XXIII century. The scientist also expresses the view that in the XXII century might happen a third world war, which will be lost at least 30% of the population. Earlier this Ukrainian scientist said that with the help of Nostradamus deciphered the Bible.In his book, "read the Bible or the Requiem of civilization", published in 2001, Alexander Lazarev proves that the Bible is encoded warning: in the XXI century, mankind will experience the greatest upheaval caused by the split of the continents. In this case, the scientist wrote that the key to the true meaning of the Bible he served all the same prophecies of Nostradamus, then informed the Ukrainian newspaper "Facts and Comments".Here's the key piece of "read the Bible" — three universal catastrophe. The Bible — is not only a set of moral laws and technologies of the state. It lies about three catastrophes that humanity will survive in the XXI century. They will wear a planetary scale, amplified from the first to second and from second to third, Lazarev wrote in his book.1. At the beginning of the age of Aquarius, which will last from 2003 to 4163 year, will start a third world war, which will last 27 years. It will be the religious and affect two-thirds of the world's population and half its territory. War can still be avoided, although the chances were few. War will begin in southern Europe, and then to cover North Africa, East Asia, Russia and North America.2. In the years 2056-2058 several volcanoes release into the atmosphere of the Earth surface fragment weighing about 1.5-2.0 billion tonnes. He will fly over the North Pole at an altitude of 450-750 km, and 7 days after discharge will fall in southern Europe. Before the fall (about 700-1000 km) splinter split into three parts. One part falls into the Bay of Biscay, the second — in France (city Narbonne), and the third — in Italy (Rome). As a result of hitting the Great Rome and the Vatican will die. The tsunami flooded the UK, Ireland and the eastern coast of the U.S. and Canada. There will be another Deluge.3. As 2066 begins, and only after 20 years split over continental plates of Eurasia and Africa. Center split — Aegean Sea, and the line split — France, Italy, the Mediterranean Sea, the Aegean Sea, the river Euphrates, and the Arabian Gulf. Flood disaster causes. Height of water in the Aegean Sea will rise above three kilometers. Will flood the entire surface of the Earth. Alter the tilt of Earth's axis and the grid of parallels and meridians.In this trial will not end. After 80 years of near Earth fly by the planet Nibiru. It will bring a new disaster, but at the same time will be a landmark turn mankind to a new civilization. At the XXII century Earth is stabilized, and humanity will begin the recovery process. In 1000 will another breakaway: Arabian Peninsula secede from Africa. Mankind will survive in this "Apocalypse" and will be developed for thousands of years, but the technology and life-support system of the organization and government change.The Bible tells the s
tory of human development in the interval of about 20,000 years. Decoding the Bible will show that all of the events that took place on Earth for 9000 years, predicted exactly, so there is no reason to doubt that the events next 200-300 years are predicted as accurately. However, this does not mean that our lives are predetermined by fate and variations are possible. Predictive information set forth in the Universal Mind is encrypted, because people should be free to choose his life's direction. But with the approach of the catastrophe, which mankind can not prevent, the Universal Mind allows you to decrypt this information and use the warning. To survive, humanity can only strictly follow the recommendations of the Bible, the researchers conclude.A few other scholars translate these events into some kotrenah follows.2012. The new law will take new land. The "area" of Syria, Judea and Palestine. Most Empire barbarians brought down, before Phoebus determine its age. Not exclude a major war in the Middle East.2014. Shipwreck fleet in the Adriatic waves. Earth trembles, the troubled explosion "air, hit the ground?". Egypt trembles increases "area" of Mohammed. Crier shouts of returning faith "?". — It is likely that this description of the continuation of a major war in the Middle East with the Arab world. The second line indicates the possibility of using nuclear weapons.2016. — The tyrant of Siena take Savona to fit the conquered fortress fleet. The two armies under the banner of Ancona, from cowardice leader ponders what to do. — Fighting with the use of the Navy.2017. Paris plotting to commit a great murder Blois will cause it to go into full swing events Orleans residents want to give their leader "return of their leader," Angers, Troyes, Langres they wronged. France is planning a war (murder).2019. Shortly after a brief respite, at sea and on land will be a big commotion "big noise" More will be a battle at sea, most of the animals will suffer fire, "Fires, animals, most will cause offense." — Intense fighting, especially at sea.2022. Near "and" far from enough "no" two fixtures that will happen between April and March. Oh, what a high price! But two great benefactor (good soul), will bring help from everywhere, on land and at sea. — The appearance of two peacekeepers.2024. The Port Céline tyrant put to death, but freedom can not be attained at, New Mars revenge and causes remorse, Queen honored by force of fear. — Continuation of the war. The murder of one of its instigators. The last line says the popularity of Nostradamus in a difficult time for humanity (translated from French. Nostradamus almost sounds like "Our Lady").2026. United Kingdom, including England, will be flooded by high waters, New League Avzona start a war they each zavyazhut. — Katren suggests either flooded England, or of more bloodshed in its territory. War flared up.The whole world knows of Michel Nostradamus quatrains. They are difficult to decipher, but many of them have already been transcribed, and content of Nostradamus quatrains are amazing. They accurately describe the events that took place hundreds of years after the death of Nostradamus, he even predicted exactly when it will be decrypted quatrains. By the way, above all Nostradamus into Love. Here are his lines: "I know I will be a new savior. No force that can destroy love. So the word of the prophets died value to break the sun of the ancient tombs."Should I believe the Lost Book of Nostradamus and prepare for the worst? Not only him, but also the various doomsday prophets apprehended and tried to warn us. They left us a message in written, oral traditions and architecture. So everything is seen.On materials,,,,,

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