The number of victims of Cyclone Iggy in Indonesia has risen to 14 people, injured 60

Mikhail Tsyganov. The number of victims of tropical cyclone Iggy (Iggy) in Indonesia on Sunday has risen to 14 people and wounded 60, according to news portal

Previously reported on the death of seven people.

Over the past four days due to Iggy strong winds and high waves also destroyed or damaged nearly 2.4 thousand houses in 35 districts and cities of the "country of three thousand islands," said Sunday's head of Public Relations of the National Disaster Management (BPBN) Indonesia Purva Sutopo Nugroho (Sutopo Purwo Nugroho).

According to Nugroho, now Iggy began to weaken and move away from Indonesia.

"BPBD and local authorities together with the army and the police, as well as related services and the public help victims," — he said.

Meanwhile, the national media from neighboring Indonesia, the Philippines reported on Sunday that the strong winds and heavy rains will come in the day in almost all of the second largest archipelago in the world.


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