The outgoing year is the 12th place in the climatic range

The average global land and ocean temperature on the preliminary results of 2011 to 0,08 ° C above the norm (1981-2000) and became the 12th in history.

Such data are the Japan Meteorological Agency. The largest positive anomalies were recorded in the high latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere, while the most negative — in the central and eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean. In a long-time average global temperature has risen by 0,68 ° per century.

Scientists pointed out that 13 of the warmest years occurred in the last 15 years. In a short-time temperature drop in 2011 compared to previous years, experts associated with the La Niña in the equatorial Pacific Ocean. It should be noted that the analysis of Japanese meteorologists much in line with the estimates of American colleagues who have put in 2011 to 11th place.


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