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An excerpt from the story "In the melee CHIMTANY or who first stood — that and shoes" written by real events in Afghanistan. Frankly as far as the memory.

"We also felt that the time seemed to stop, or at least significantly slowed. "Spirits" moving like in slow motion, slowly moving his limbs, and something resembling a huge pile of crabs in a basket, which has long stood in the sun. All around, it was familiar, known and understood — suddenly changed so much though was in another dimension.

Vision has become so voluminous, as if you could see everything that is happening around you is almost 360 degrees, and at the same time, and without turning his head. It was obvious (and can somehow know) who runs behind you, what's going on either side, both sides at once, and even, as it were surprising, what is behind and on the back of "the spirit", located or arising before you.

All this can be seen, if at this time to be on himself in the air at low altitude. But the angle of view, it was different, not the top. Objects and people around somehow different from their everyday geometry — namely, just change the proportions and angles of connection components. There was the ability to hear selectively — it sounds that carry the necessary information, to allocate them from unimaginable sonic cacophony of battle.

Even the colors and the smells were different. Richer and the rich variety of colors. And the colors are brighter, and it is saturated with some other structural component. Similarly, the surface structure has changed and many of the surrounding objects, visually it more granular: a rough, scaly, pupyrchatoy, ribbed, etc., depending on the material from which it was.

In the described condition grew much physical capacity: strength, speed, flexibility, coordination, sense of distance, speed decision making and so on and so forth. Roughly speaking, and some exaggeration, but to understand the difference between a state in which a person can fall into a mass melee and its normal state, we compare the categories on the example of the behavior and feelings of two people standing nearby.

One suddenly lunged forward and ran everything that was in front of them. There poprisedal there on one leg rode there pokuvyrkalsya, then fell — to press, while having to discern and analyze everything that's going around. Then returned to the place from which to run out, and the one who was standing next to him, for lack of time neighbor blinked once — on the strength of two, not even noticing that for some time there was one.
In general, it should be right to say that the experience was a bit different than even a more conventional remote combat. When the enemy, more often, which protects, no shelter and there is a visible distance that separates him. All this creates a certain, albeit sometimes purely psychological, however, the protective barrier behind which can hide, including this troubled subconscious.
It is another matter when the enemy in front of you. Moments at arm's length, or to close. Here you no real shelter, no protection psychological barriers. Though your nose poking each other. Here and there comes a time, awakened a sense of extreme danger and the desire to survive, ancient instincts that are not just saved in difficult times of our ancestors.

(Widely known several major classical behaviors in the most critical situations. Or, like the ostrich — bury your head in the sand and come what may, maybe blow. Either as antelope — rush with all his heels, hoping that will make a save and birthmarks. Or, as a lion, driven by hunters in the corner, which, gathering into a fist full strength, agility and bravery — desperately rushes to the enemy, preferring, if you can not break free, then it is better to die bravely in battle, than to allow the freedom to take his own and drive the hateful box. course, plus mentioned, various combination options).

Who instincts will include faster and subconscious choose the right under the circumstances, the behavior of the model at that and will be more likely to survive. As time has shown — we instincts did not disappoint. According to the memoirs, in said state then fell many soldiers and officers of the battalion. The difference in the discussion of this topic was the fact that some, unwittingly, entered a deeper stage of this condition, the other in a lighter, surface. For example, how different stages of hypnosis. Again, long — using conventional timing, in this state to be unlikely.

The active phase is measured in seconds, sometimes minutes. Can comes in waves — tidal ebb, depending on the situation. Such are the visible and tangible metamorphosis took place in and around many of us just a few moments, when measured in terms of the usual for all time.

God forbid, to meet the enemy, being in such a trance when you — in the state of the average person. Chances. Apparently, to the same inference it and most of our opponents from the opposing side, and in the first seconds of the collision, perhaps even — also on a subconscious level. Little pleasant — not fight with people, but with some cyborgs.

At the time of an emergency, when a sense of fear and insecurity permeated the air around, including the unexplored and unknown human abilities and capabilities. Who felt like this, I can easily understand. Describe a similar condition, the diversity of sensations, and visual perception is very difficult, but, rather, to the full and not, as the stock of the semantic meaning of words used by us in everyday life is very limited. But not for our lives, and it is described to the point where the whole point is not in words, but in feelings and images. But later on, when it ends and internal voltage drops — for some time comes time to total emotional devastation and physical exhaustion.

In my head there is vast emptiness, and if there is a rare idea, it creeps so slowly, as if clinging to the lost grease gyrus. Who became a cotton body needs complete rest, and when there is a need to move, every movement is given with the effort and stress. Apparently, so the body compensates for sudden expenses incurred after being in a state of extreme intelligence and superpower, resulting in exorbitant showed brief burst of their abilities. Using its arsenal such contrasts, the body is like a pendulum, swaying to inertia from one end point to another.

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Indeed, stop, instant, you horrible!

In 1992, Conoco paratrooper Alex in conversation with me, argued that, falling from a height of 35 meters without a parachute, was able to regroup and right to land only by unnaturally stretched time …
In 1992-1993, I, together with the newspaper "Propeller" (MAI) to investigate and timed the testimony of another parachutist, who thus described one of his jumps in 1988: "Until the high-voltage transmission line it was just a meter, and to turn away from her, it seemed, it was impossible. But suddenly stopped my descent, I am hanging in the air, almost touching the deadly wires. Strange! Looked up — no, the canopy would not caught, all that it holds, is the air! Corner of his eye saw people running on the field, they also froze in place, as if floating in the air! Then I remembered all the things I was taught with power lines and pulled a few … parachute led away from the wires! Landing can not remember, the people who ran, and then was told that I spent a few minutes with your eyes open, any questions not answered … "

Cases of delay time for soldiers in combat

Having read many of the classic Leo Tolstoy novel "War and Peace" of course remember the colorful description cannonball blast, which occurred near Prince Volkonsky. How many thoughts changed his mind at the moment the main character, how long they watched the slow time of the explosion … But for the vast majority of Soviet schoolchildren whole story — no more than a literary hyperbole author. So I thought as long as he, being on the border, not seen this in a literal sense close.
Nowhere dense. At 5 meters to the right of his own. Figure of a man with a machine gun at the ready, I saw too late, when the bullets were already flying at me. Sound of the shot heard. But clearly saw the black hole of the barrel, and as if looking into the black pit. And yet, though less clearly (attention was not a black gun), but still I saw bullets flying around my head. Turn aside from them there is no difficulty, no more difficult than tyazheloletyaschego bumblebee. The gunman was sure that from this distance (5 m) not miss, so even too lazy to aim and shoot from the hip. After shooting at me all my 45 cartridge — long horn emptied for 3 seconds — he was very surprised and disappeared. In my opinion was probably about a minute, or more precisely, the time at the moment at all to stop. At some unconscious, fully detachment from all sorts of thoughts, automatism I shot in the direction of the grenade launcher (auto at that time was behind me.) Results of their own shooting I did not see, maybe at the time he was completely indifferent to me … Later on Captain Kamenev, a witness of the incident, said that my shot of the RPG-7's head almost touched the gunman, but "it's the details, and most importantly, that he was born in a shirt! "
Why not gunner made me a sieve with 45 holes, I did not understand. A similar "school" case with Volkonski by that time had forgotten analogy surfaced only later, when I had to listen to the other not less amazing stories of soldiers who looked into the eyes of death in our own "peaceful" times:
"When my eyes stray shell charioteer turned his horse and wagon in the dust literally, for me, being completely stopped, as I sat motionless — 20, 30, 60 minutes — I do not know" (pilot A.Markusha) …
"… I admired the beautiful flight of the flying bullets right at me, even did not think to dodge, but the time for this, I had enough!" (Captain NC) …
"… Dushman shot me in the head, shot himself heard, but clearly saw how slowly growing cloud of powder gas near his gun and as explosive bullet carved pieces of stone" (Private Alex K., 1986) …
"… BMPeshki surged forward over the barricade, they fired on the move and up, tracers flying something very slowly. Just remember — there was complete silence. And suddenly there was a rumbling time shots and heart-rending cries of the women "overslept!". (Alexei Ivanovich, night 20/21 August 1991) …
In 1989, special correspondent "Labor" Anatoly Komrakov arrived in Budapest especially to the eyes to watch the development of the Romanian revolution. From the window of his hotel, he watched the night street fight: "It was good to see the tracer line. Suddenly, one of the bullets otrekoshetirovala and flew toward me. She flew surprisingly slow, I could see her flight in detail, then managed to fall to the floor. The bullet hit a nearby window … "{TV show" The witness of the century ", aired on NTV 20.01.2001 at 15.40}.
These soldiers and accidentally caught in the heat of battle people fleeing the bullets randomly, as if by magic, but apparently, the rules of behavior in extreme conditions and can be taught. In any case, this is what the followers of some martial arts. It is known, for example, that when the February 4, 1940 the day before the convict shot Commissar of Internal Affairs Nikolai Yezhov, he tossed the camera in close so that no bullet in it does not leak! The ending of this story is known — Yezhov did "get it", and then firing squad gave the course a legend, was the unusual abilities of his former manager. That's just exactly how Yezhov have finished — this history is silent …

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