To Belarus and Lukashenko


So, I myself am from St. Petersburg, but the protein was only in '11 dozen times and clearly understand what is going on:

Agriculture — fully preserved. None of abandoned fields NO. Processing fields its own technique. That is, in addition to working in the field, and have a job at the plant, which produces this technique. Plant owned by state-wa, the money in the country, and not in a foreign bank. As well as jobs for their people, not for others'. I will say more — as long as manufactures of Belarus in a / c, she can not eat, even in theory! Is that bad?

In addition to ensuring food self-sufficiency is 100%, but they also make the sale of agricultural products, including in Russia, worth about 4 yards of green toilet paper per year. But this is not important to them with the / x. The main thing is, what is the quality of their products. A little earlier, I worked in pischevke, and before that I worked with the greenhouse complex and declare with all responsibility, those products that are manufactured in Russia, NOT to eat!

In short: tomato and cucumber, even domestic manufacturers that we buy in the store are grown in rockwool. This is a bag with a volume of 2.5 to 5 liters, with white-transparent garbage inside, called rockwool. This bag planted from 2 to 3 seed culture. On top of each nipple is a seed that is connected to the backbone, and magistarl is powered by a single large boiler to 1 hectare. In this boiler refueled (formerly, as now I do not know) fertilizer Kemira. This himota shopesdets.

And this himota the highway through the nipple on a droplet is applied to each seed (drip irrigation). This is an ideal way to grow tomatoes and ogrurtsa in terms of yields, but this can not be SCOFF! The root system in minutes wool (himota) supply through the nipple (even steeper himota). The output is the fruit, which apparently can not be distinguished from natural, but by their semantic content — IT HURT! He has grown in himote and himote! Most people do not know, but in vain.

In the protein, as well, and in the USSR, tomato and cucumber grown on the ground, with the addition of cow shit. There's no chemistry AT ALL! All natural! That is from a / v products from Protein One other benefit, instead of poison from our own. By the way, not only our vegetables are grown on himote, this culture came to us with his beloved slw west. Now I think you'll understand what PLASTIC vegetables. In defense of the quality of our s / s can say only one thing — to himote we grow only tomatoes and cucumber, all the rest we either bury or in miniscule amounts are produced by the old method, that is, on the ground. This carrot, cabbage, etc. kartohu

I can also give you another specific example: goose pate to eat? Good? And he is prepared, you know? No? I'll tell you — a goose with young napichkivayut SUCH HIMOTOY that by reaching his majority, his liver (which then goes to the pate), reaches a size almost from the goose! ECHO, these frames you will not see on the Tel avideniyu, otherwise it may happen gnomekov gap pattern. But it certainly is a terrible sight, when you look at the goose and his liver to his own size, once you start to think that cigarettes slipped hemp. For the chicken and its exports. This is true, we are self-sufficient in chicken and even begin to be exported. BUT!

For how to grow and grow than those chickens have to tell? Or you guessed it? How do you think, what this stuff should be feathered to two months after hatching, they were in the size of the adult chicken? Slw, if you want to eat the meat — Eat it, and I'll buy Belarusian Lucci chicken, you do not have to cook for 2 hours and it will still be zheskom so that when they bite into this smoking are dental crowns. Slw but do not get it, he got used to the smoking, otkudazh him know that proteins from chicken melts in your mouth like M & M and which is grown on natural food, not huypoymichem as we have.

Or here's another example, this Sunday was driving on the Novgorod region, the time is not that night, somewhere around 10 pm, but already dark shtopesdets. So the food immediately, and at some point the lights in the darkness snatch anyone's body is wandering along the edge of the curb, so I instinctively wheel slightly to the left — a little bruise and yobs under the wheels. When flying by, looked at the body well, and the food on. And here comes to me understanding — to fuck, THERE CHILD WENT zhesh hike. And in those places, and bears and wolves and wild boars that fur coat! And he was alone and at night on the road through the forest! I swung in a vise, unfold and blow back. Food, main kerf, bibikayut — where is he? See, here it goes. Drove up, opened the door to him — I say, sit down! He's a sadist, trembling, cold, so I oven on full blast, a sandwich and a thermos of tea to him, I ask — where do you want? He calls the town, I ask — all whether he is normal and he was here? Said my mother in a village, in a different folder. Now there is a folder of your mother. I estimate the distance klometrov 30, he had already passed a dozen. I say, well, human buses that? No, says, has long been canceled all flights. I said to him — and how are you driving around somewhere between the villages? Speak or walk or someone planted. A bus is? There is, but they do not have to have money. That's it. And it is not far east or desolate tundra. This, bleat, all is 300 km from St. Petersburg!

You saw in Belarus alone wandering through the night forest rebyatenka as well? And Regular buses go there, in the most that neither is Ebony climb! Bad Old Man say, right? Holy shit, you say busted?
Then for s / s and social programs — here like comrades say that the Old Man won the ideological war. This is a mistake. Molodesh squander much, very much. No, not all, but very, very many. Let me explain: the population, especially the young, began to urbanize, that is, they do not comme il faut f direvne they hochetstsa to the city and still hochetstsa west. Even the measures being taken by the Old Man is not particularly helpful. But for these measures need to be sure to say — the rate the same teacher in the village twice the same rate of the same teacher, but in the city. Then there is an incentive to go straight direvnyu f, s / n is two times higher! Then, when you move to the country and getting a job, you just get a house for free! Yes, you can not sell it, but you have to select it will not. It's your house, live, develop your health! In various villages occurs differently, suppose one friend worked on trahture 8 years and the house he generally gave, that is sell whatever you want, whatever you want does not sell, at your discretion, but not in every village. W / n $ 150 in the village, which is the heavy delirium from slw. Theoretically, if all do not fucking do it, and maybe you'll get $ 150, although still a doubt.

Here you answer me comrades, but as we have? How much do we pay in the country, even if there remains work? Even more to say — if people stayed in the village? Here's an example Novgorod region., Nebolchsky area, east side. On the map there is about 11 of them, in reality, there are only 7, resident population — 4 (in words, FOUR) people in seven villages! Still have questions about our village and Belarus? Is this not merit Farther that his village is not extinct? Have you heard about a similar program to support our village (in moving house provision)? No, have not heard? And I did not hear. What is this, too, does not merit Farther? There's a lot of programs for the village, everything here will not write, I identified just basic. Is this a do or plonetyane still Batko?
For zhist in — heavy metals, if anyone knows, is the backbone of any state. Retained in full. The examples go away is not necessary. MAZ, Belarus, BELAZ, BMZ, but there they pile up. And, characteristically, the same does BELAZ career samomvaly capacity from 25 to 75 tons, and analogs of these products in the world there! That is, it is a unique car, which bought almost all mining companies in the world. It is clear that there are competitors who are trying to make such a car, but they have this little turns and BelAZ not buy some of the company for political reasons (the Old Man is a dictator, with cooperation nizya). And suppose the plant's products BMZ?

There's all sorts of produce and nishtyakov including subtle metallic thread, which is then used in the manufacture of car tires as cord. Make quality a thread no one can! And the exact same Nokia, Goodyear, Continental — buy this thread from BMZ, spit, snarl, but buy. A blasphemy, better then anyone can not do. And there's the unique enterprise in the protein through one. But BelAZ thread in everyday life, we do not see, and what we actually see every day? But pay attention to the elevators in the buildings? Not those that are fashionable, and houses for the poor, the so-called economy class? There are lifts of the turquoise color with blue accents. Here in St. Petersburg on these elevators written "Spb elevator factory." This brazen pizdezh. There is no such plant. All these elevators go from Proteins with "Mogilev elevator factory," from the case.

Speaking just for new plants, here I will not tell, I really do not know which of them are new, and some old saved. But actually it does not. Heavy metals are, with all their unique industries, light industry works pischevka also works. In the late 80's, our people yelling in the west, more than 80 varieties of sausage, but we have not typed, and 10. Dad made of this conclusion will be in the protein — go into hyper "Line", there will not be 80 varieties and 100 varieties of all sorts of different sausages, with a tasty and not only done on the state standards.

Belarus is almost completely self-sufficient country, which produces all that is necessary for the population. The only thing it is dependent — oil and gas. There is a small oil field, if not oshybayus in Mozyr. But there is very little oil, not even enough for their own needs. There are no bananas, peaches, figs, Tajiks, Kyrgyz, Azeri, bums, whores, drugs (well, maybe there is dope, but it seems that very little). On the streets do not shoot, do not rape, winter hot water is not turned off, kindergartens and schools is complete, education is free and most importantly quality, both in the USSR (or almost). Universities, technical schools, it's all there and it's all free. Can enroll at any school, the main thing that had the brains. Medicine is excellent, no worse than in Germany. Because doctors are prepared by Soviet standards! That is what, do not merit Farther? Also plonetyane all do?
Special thanks for the children and zhyle. For me this is a very sensitive issue and I see what steps the Old Man, pour slizame anger that we do not have that. Make no mistake: we assume in Gomel 3 shka nevebennyh sizes in new costs $ 30 a kilo. Familiar with his wife and two children took her to a mortgage for 20 years at 5% per annum in belrublyah. As you know, in the protein constant and steep inflation. Those who took out a mortgage apartment lybu pressed on the subject. And that, says it will take five years and at this level of inflation for the rest of the apartment, I paid off the one salary. But that's not all nishtyaki. Oh, my friend, as I said, two detov, now they want to have another. Old Man And they said — parents of the third, compensate you 75% of the price! And if the parents of the fourth, I will give FREE (!) 4 komantnuyu!

Bleat … here it voobshe called as well? And, if at the time of birth of the third detenka my friend pay more than 25% of the rent, then the state will return to him "overpaid" amount. Stsuko where our (TM) Old Man, eh? But in the end in Belarus children so much that fuck wonder, just like in Leningrad in the Soviet Union. When I was small, I remember quite clearly the following: we zhyli brezhnevka in there 5 floors with three apartments per floor. That is, in front of 15 apartments. The ground floor living, two girls and one boy. On the second floor of the two girls. On the third floor of one of the boys. In the fourth in our apartment just five guys with me! And in the two neighboring two girls and a boy. In the fifth, two boys and one girl. That is, a total of 17 were living in the front (in words, seventeen) children from '77 to 88, 15 apartments! And now you know what?

Only three detov 15 apartments! Do you know about what we valimsya demographic pit? Rather already fallen! We in Russia are still more deaths than births and that, provided that there is a constant influx of migrants from nevebenny Sovestky former republics who deliver detov like cockroaches! Still not enough, anyway, we are dying faster than replenished. In contrast Squirrel population is growing, albeit slowly increasing. And most importantly — everything is done to families having children, ranging from housing problems and ending social sphere. Here is this not merit Farther? For me, the main indicators of the level zhyzni in the country are three factors: a) the state of the army and navy, and b) that the territory of the country, decreases, remains the same or increases?

Finally a) how many children are born? According to these criteria in Belarus is well, but we are all very, very bad. Here in this thread I want to support the first to express comrade who asked — when they say the Old Man would have to run for president and that, well, the polls from one site to the Old Man would have won 85% of votes. Such a site, in the Urals, which conducted the poll. The poll for two nedli was attended by about 44 thousand people, and there is really Old Man scored 85% of the votes. I have one friend went to squirrel this spring for the car when he arrived, said the following: I never go to a vote, but if the Old Man would be a candidate, I do not just go myself, but also his family, his parents and other relatives feet will vypinyvat from home to go to vote for the dad, so here's.
For the crisis in Belarus — many haters ryzhyma Lukashenka main argument of what? Pasmatrite, to which he brought the country! Well, let's look at what he has done this. In early 2010, when it was already clear that the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan will, Belarusians figured gesheft what they can weld on it. Namely tamozhka cars in proteins at the time and until July 1, 2011 was literally khalyavnykh, here at Chrysler in 2002 with the 3.5-liter engine, we had to pay a fee as much as $ 17 a kilo, and then all Belarusians 2.5!

The machines in the protein were briskly cheap and in September 2010 they were to be looping on Russia without paying additional fees. Ordinary Belarusians Rushed to the banks for cash or jews or evergreen. The scale of the banks raking dough can be assessed on the following parameters — when I myself bought a car there, I came f direvnyu near Gomel. The peasant, who bought the car in addition to my yard still stood BMW 530 2007, Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2009 Lexus RX 400 and the hybrid engine in 2009. I asked him — yours? Mine. WHERE? And I have — he says — has an apartment in Minsk and I secured it took a loan and bought nalikom the money that these three machine. The one I bought was a long time ago and bought it for her, not a loan. But this situation is not only he, at least half the population in the countryside, in the courtyard stood at least 2 cars, which they took the loan and re-sales in the Russian Federation. And in the two houses were already on the trailer for six cars each! And that's not what that bucket 88 Opel shaggy year, it is not all the cars below 2006 and the class of BMW-Audi. That is, the money in cash was taken from banks for nevebennuyu amount and the resale on Russia should occur a full refund loans with good Gesheft. What did Rasseyanskie power?

They took and brought this piece — flow for RF Only those cars that have been imported to Belarus until 1 January 2010, all the rest-through and will have to pay the full clearance. And it was a complete fucking. Since 90% of the sale of a car was brought to Russia in 2010, it was! And straight to the Russian Federation they will only in '13. A credit is given to be now! So not only is among those brought up in 2010, was put another condition — that conform to Euro-4 standards at the date of issue. That is, all cars older than 2004 does not pass on the RF. Feel how friendly podebku planted rasseyanskie Batka authorities and its people? And about Euro4 Hochma generally squared! Here we avtotazy, Lacetti, Solaris and other cheap shalupen complies with Euro 3 and release them into circulation can, but Mears in 2003, which is safer and more environmentally friendly, to import from Belarus can not be so! Now you see where they have a crisis?

In fact, all foreign exchange reserves have been distributed to the population in the form of cash to buy a car, but to sell these cars at all! Assume also for comparison, in February 2011 we have in Russia in selling Opel Vectra from 1996 to 2001, the issue was two times less than they were sold at that time in Belarus! And this despite the fact that we have conditionally milen 140 people, and there is only 10 toons. Understand how many imported cars and for what amount? That was a crisis, and then the Old Man once said about this, but liberasty and it managed to turn — they say people have Farther not such bad people, only themselves to blame. And the fact that it is Russia so his brother podebnula obstruction measures, they prefer to remain silent. So it happened that got money in the bank raked out and put back in any way. And yes, this mustachioed fsio guilty brought ekonomiku. And yes, for the fact that Belarus, as a nation deeply in debt. Yes, it is.

But, for a moment — the Old Man, as opposed to any fucking Greece, these debts are not only regularly takes, and regularly gives these debts! And pays interest and of his own honestly earned the Belarusian people money! Understand the difference, comrades — to give credit to the Greeks 8 yards of green, they take new additional 12 yards. Of these new 8 in repayment of old debt and 4 yards headquarters continue tasty to eat! Even in the main bastion of democracy, private shop Fed buys T-bills with a stupid issue unsecured day, as the state itself can not extinguish obyazatelsvta on these payments. But who then Greeks and Pindos? Pralno, bankrupt. And they are not alone, the whole community MIGs sitting in heavily in debt and pay out of their earnings, these debts can not. And Dad might give. So I'm asking you, slw — than Luke huyovy as well?

You're all laid out on the fingers and tych me his "done with us," it's so thick, that's not even funny. You educated comrades already outlined above it, screwdriver production with hundreds of jobs is just garbage, compared to the many thousands of destroyed nearby factories. You say from St. Petersburg? Well, drive through Obukhovka, a factory there in the factory used to be. And on one of these plants when he was a student, I worked there and he slesaryugoy vacuum truck (yes, it happens and Ssali on his head, and once even give a shit, well the cap was). My factory is at the Union produced 12 turbines per month for gas Industry. And in 2000 he produced 1.2 turbines per year. Now the factory instead of 7,500 people at the Union and 34 shops, employing just 30 people in one of the remaining factory shop and factory management. Of these, one mechanic, one foreman, two deputy department, one head of the shop and what it shloeben as superiors sekretutka and Accountability of the plant. All, no more plant.

Also not there standing Proletarian factory, which produced shells and rumored what that nishtyaki for nuclear weapons. There is also Turbine Blades, no Neva Manufactory, is not at all any working at the Obukhov factory dropped, and here they were quite simply a fur coat, stood one by one. Squander all technology professionals, institutions that train personnel for these plants. And you're here to rub about what that Poligrafoformlenie. Now I'm just working in the printing industry, and no stranger to the organization.

Let ka, dear Druk, answer comrade — and who owns this office? Whose equipment they cost? And whose supplies they buy? Who's with all this gets gesheft? I will also say how much to pay employees at the plant and what are their penalties for the slightest jamb? You know what got broshyurovschitsa in bookbinding shop collapsed printing "Truth"? 7 thousand timber per month. Did you know that virtually all offset printing switched to a reduced working week 4 days instead of five or 6 hours a day instead of 8? You know, now that you put one Poligrafoformlenie gravure printing to replace their entire fleet of equipment and almost all of the staff go the pussy then? You know how many received specialist training in radio broadcast "Lighthouse"? Eight thousand. You know, now that construction in St. Petersburg are drawing dead? Do you know that now you will find a decent job PRICK in St. Petersburg, the second city in the country? Who are you fuck brains, St. Petersburg, as well? Do you even know what the printing and that it is not dick vperlas for the economy? All machines inosrannye, jobs and technology sootvtstvenno not here, too, all supplies from abroad — again the work to someone, but not our people! Earlier, the Union, our yard was one garbage container, which with four valves, and now faces giganstky body, such as from under the truck, which can hold about three times greater than the garbage and in addition to the body have two four valve garbage. And now to the Sunday evening PLACES THEY REFUSE is not enough! What to eat are more?

Dick in both hands, it's just a pack of Doha under your printing cost. And mind you, before tighter sausage packed in conventional food paper, that there's no high-tech and this paper then calmly could either further processing or burn without consequences for the environment. And if what is printed, then the usual water-based paint and on paper. Now, harmful alcohol and UV inks, which the chemical foil food film. Waste from it all for a great printing loot sit in special offices that need to dispose of it.

Mind you, it is very harmful wastes that are often not be disposed of, they can only be disposed of. Where will upokaivat? That's right, in Siberia. This region of our country has turned into a giant radioactive trash, but then you pohuyu, you do not see. But for the sake antiresu that swept Volkhonka and see on that mountain of garbage, which is the height of the Statue of Liberty in pindostane. But, apparently, you're on it too fuck. Here it is, your ebannaya printing and results of operations. What, do you want to tell me — do not rock the boat? And fuck her swing, if the bottom hole the size of a bucket. And so it will sink, shake it likes, he likes not shake. You just polzueshsya fact that many do not know of Saint-Petersburg and after your words begin to think — he is human, in St. Petersburg, all is well, that we are roundnose sandals, and the country is zhived!

You certainly can tell me — well, look how many new mashyn in Peter! Zhyvut same people! Come and discredit the myth — I have one friend working in the cabin, Ford sold. So he said that about 95% of all sold foci were bought on credit with a minimum down payment for a period of three to five years. Life on credit creates the illusion that everything seems zoebis. Nonado understand that this borrowing binge ("c". Hazin), it is to fall. That's the price of oil industry ebnetsya the floor and what?

People already packs lose their jobs to you for the polygraph good example. After the fall of even a wholesale reduction in manure goes. And what stupid ass lost their jobs, who in addition to the focus, do not bring the Almighty, and even mortgage loan? They will go Kirghizia, for sure. And fuck who lead them, they will go for any because shta zhyt so impossible! And then kirgizinga, the largest piece of the once Great Power USSR collapse further huypoymi how pieces. But you, slw, apparently it is also up to the asshole.

You do not see and do not want to see beyond their noses, that the current situation is precisely kirgizingu followed the collapse of the country. For you, Old Man, this is mudag who ruined Belarus. And for me, it's mustachioed last chance to save my country, at least in its present borders. Comrades, if the main place the text in the placebo, read my letter and understand who is right. Although you have gently hinted that the NKVD troops gather nominated from Ukraine and through Tambov overnight in Voronezh will come after you. This is the majority opinion, this opinion will rush through these assholes like you, people. People, which is also still divided on the different countries.

Remember, mudvin — Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, it is not brotherly peoples, we have never used them and never will. We are one nation, which is divided in different countries against our will (googly referendum USSR), and now start to play off each other's hands like you.
For your taxes — from your taxes, no feeding or Army, not Belarus. Your taxes are deposited in the pockets of the Cinque. But revenue from the sale of gas and slurry, quite goes to pay salaries of the army and with the same money credited to Belarus, which is (I repeat) all the loans back with interest! And you know, that's better than I would have paid the money through tax
In view of the above, I would like offtopnut for DFD and PRTs. Something tells me that most uchastnegov megoportala not poor people, who have the opportunity to buy and DFD and PRTs. But what do rogue like me, who is currently and plasma can not buy?

For myself, I decided that I would do for a PSU and I want to share my thoughts with the same nevpisavshimisya comrades in the market can and will help anyone in the last moment. Given that the money for the DFD and PGR not, do something nada when BP will knock on my door, I decided to always keep in the car at least 40 liters a solarium in the tank. The 40 liters enough for me to get to the proteins, and then my family and I will be saved. In any hands, and crises — except hit us NW bastion of democracy — Belarus will stand and tranquility will only be there. Dad will not allow kirgizinga inside and outside aggression, why — justified above. Therefore, we strongly recommend the same as I grab at least some rogue mashynu thread and fill it full tank. Had that — a family in a car and drove into proteins. There will be order and food and shelter and a decent job. (For the last seven point pmsm)

PySy. Terribly sorry for mnogabukof, but pent up, really. In St. Petersburg, I was surrounded by people like for example slw, when I start a conversation with them on these subjects, they are not really do not know what I'm talking about, they do not understand — why do I say this to them. That is, I do not like-I do not even corny one to speak for the impending bad. And sometimes it starts to seem — it can I sound paranoid? Maybe it is actually good, and I'm just making this up yourself? But going by the field, you realize — bleat, NOTHING GOOD!

When all is 90 km from St. Petersburg, in a village with his grandmother much heart ache and she called an ambulance Volkhov, where she said — sorry, no money for gas, do not come. Where is the good? And such bad things everywhere and next and why such a slw, living in St. Petersburg do not see it? For me it's just a mystery. But once on megoportal to Burke, seen here-minded and understand people who think in the same direction as me. Naturally I'd like to share some thoughts that have been accumulating for a long time in me with those who understand me, that's why mnogabukof. And this is not fsio that I wanted to write.
For symmetry, let me leave.
Sincerely, Molotov.


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