United Nations: a cholera epidemic in Somalia

Officials say cases of acute watery diarrhea — an important indicator of risk of cholera — are now at 4.272 in Somalia — 11 per cent (an increase last week, said the figure of 3.839. WHO public health adviser Dr. Michel Yao told reporters in Geneva on Friday that the number of cholera cases also rose sharply this year, with officials confirming 18 cases in the 30 lab samples taken in the last few days from people living in the capital, Mogadishu. Yao said that 60 percent of confirmed infections is "high risk" disease is spreading rapidly — "so we can say that we are an epidemic." Random samples that were tested in the laboratory, in the capital, were made of 4.272 samples from people who have suffered from diarrhea, he said. So far, he said were 181 acute watery diarrhea deaths., spokeswoman Fadela Chaib said last week that a few cases of cholera have been confirmed in Somalia and the diarrhea is also on the rise. 3.839 She said in reported cases, 77 percent of children suffer under-5 — years in Mogadishu. World Health Organisation said that she was very concerned about disease outbreaks in drought-hit East Africa, due to the lack of clean water for drinking and bathing, overcrowding in camps and the low tolerance to disease of starving children. U.S. assessment drought and famine in Somalia have killed more than 29,000 children under the age of 5 years. Millions of people face hunger in Somalia the most severe drought in 60 years. —Physics.org

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