Vladimir man sank into the ground

Karst holes

The hole was about two meters deep and two and a half. Photo: Alex SUKHOV

04/28/11. — It was April 27 on Wednesday night, I have just had a sister — says Valentina Pavlovna, witness what happened. — A man walked up to his car, parked next to the barns and economic suddenly disappeared — plunged into the ground.

Near this time were members of the "Jehovah's Witnesses" that proselytizing and offered books about Jesus. Seeing what had happened, they rushed to save the neighbor.

— He threw the box — says Valentina Pavlovna. — But he could not get out. The hole was about two meters deep and two and a half. And he is not high. We had to find a ladder, and only a man pulled out.

The victim was lucky and unlucky at the same time. No luck, as well is not wider sewer. Also it was necessary to him to step right into the center of a piece of land unsteady. And lucky he did not beat himself.

— It was due to the failure of subsidence, — said Sergey Papushkin, deputy head of the city administration utilities. — This is not the first in the street Nikita. You see, there are many ancient buildings. Because of this, the ground is void where water flows and washes away the soil. Because it is the territory of the ancient city, not so easy to dig and the resulting hole. No archaeologists in the center did not do. So people should write application to the Office of Archaeology and management utilities.

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