Why Hollywood is suffering russophobia

Nicolas Bonnal Russophobian talks about the mood in Hollywood cinema. After all, in the Hollywood Hills that no film about the Russian, then some kind of pun or a misunderstanding with Bears, balalaika, red baggy trousers, a fur hat and vodka. And it is, in the opinion of Bonnal, not narrow-mindedness of Americans, but on the contrary, the exact calculation and a particular purpose.

Entertainment films makes the fact that realnostdeformirovana, and our imaginations are extremely stretched and we set aside our disbelief for a moment.

As we know,

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New blow to Russian defense industry will cause the Italian armored vehicles

Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, peeking in Italy presentation armored concern IVECO, said that Russia is planning to organize the production of trucks LMV — Light Multirole Vehicle — cars outside similar to the South American Hummer, the newspaper said GZT.ru.

So Makarov, the Russian army wants to continue on the course armament foreign technology, which causes dissatisfaction of many observers. According to the views of critics, reliance on foreign military hardware disastrous for the Russian defense industry. At the same time, proponents of gun purchases abroad blame for what is happening Russian MIC is not capable of making

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Why claimed Russian weapons

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) published the list of 100 largest arms manufacturers in 2010, including 45 American. In the first place — "Lockheed Martin" (USA), the second — "BAE Systems" (UK). Outside of this rating were Chinese enterprises "in view of the lack of sufficiently accurate information."The most competitive

The ninth consecutive year on the list of Russian companies appear to SIPRI. Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey" (manufacturer of S-300 and S-400) is in 20th place, the United Aircraft Corporation — 21th, JSC "Helicopters of Russia" — 47th, JSC "United Shipbuilding Corporation" — 51 th, AHK

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The new training complex for carrier-based aircraft

As reported by RIA Announcements, Chief of the Russian Navy Admiral Vysotsky announced that Yeisk, Krasnodar Territory, by the end of 2012 will begin work Russian universal training complex thread (ground test training complex Aviation). The admiral said that by the end of 2012 will be the reconstruction of 2-runway length of 2.5 thousand meters of any, also created a training center.

Earlier in the interview Vysotsky said that Thread will work in full by 2020. After that, the Russian complex will be able to be trained pilots basic patrol, anti-submarine and carrier-based aircraft. To do this, the complex

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Encouragingly under bridge collapsed. Video


19.04.12.V Thursday evening, 80 km of the Samara-Buguruslan between Georgievka and Krotovka, collapsed roadway road bridge 31 meters long

This 63.ru eyewitnesses incident. According to them, collapsed one lane on the bridge. At the scene staffed task force EMERCOM Russia's Samara region. According to preliminary information, there were no injuries. Temporarily blocked the route. Cars allowed to detour on a dirt road. The scale of the collapse is not reported.

Source: 63.ru

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Black Light

Light inherent physical properties of the two obvious — the color and transparency. Indeed, the light can be white, yellow, red, green, purple, or have other colors. Transparency is confirmed by the fact that through the light we see material objects. Transparency has a light of any color. And the light — it's not gas, not solid and liquid matter. I have deliberately not talking about the wave and particle nature of light, as we are faced with another problem.

Everyone knows that in the dark space. However, we can

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In India, the boy removed the extra limbs


Source: ictnews.vn

7.10.11.Hirurgi had truly revolutionary action. Their case is a 7-year-old boy with eight limbs.

Deepak Pasvana of Bihar called the reincarnation of the god Vishnu, because of the rare congenital anomaly.

It grew out of the stomach extra pair of hands and feet. The fact that the mother must have been born Deepak twins, but they go wrong, resulting in the fact that one fetus "take root" in the other, explains Day.Az. Others say the boy fiend, and his birth — the beginning of the end of the world.

Operated on the boy took the clinic

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In the Kuzbass found flamingos. Video


15.11.11.V Tashtagol found flamingos. Presumably, it off course, fell behind the pack and instead of Kazakhstan, arrived in Siberia.

Local residents showed a bird vet and is now caring for her. Flamingos are common in Africa, the Caucasus, Iran, South-East and Central Asia as well as in South and Central America. Why thermophilic bird chose such a strange place in winter, now find out ornithologists.

Source: Lead — Kuzbass

In southern Kuzbass found freezing in snow flamingo

16.11.11.V Tashtagol found one flamingo, according vesti42.ru. Local residents showed a bird vet and is now caring for her.

— Flamingo

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In Luhansk caught North American perch


18.11.11.V Lugansk local catch from the Seversky Donets sun perch, which is common in North America. The press office of PJSC "Severodonetsk association" Nitrogen ".

The fisherman who caught an unusual perch — the shop worker NOPS "Nitrogen" Albert Savenkov. He often goes fishing on the Seversky Donets. Perch caught in the early morning on the river opposite the train station.

Seeing the fish, Albert Savenkov amazed. She was not like any one of the representatives of the Seversky Donets. "The back of a captured copy was greenish-olive color with orange spots and dark transverse bands, belly

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Dialogue with unknown entities

I have a request — check out what has happened to me under hypnosis. I generally far from superstition and religious. I live in Togliatti. I do not know what to say. Talked with me about 20 hours of the unknown substance. Apparently there is a hierarchy among them. with the passage of each new circle of elevating the status of those entities that spoke to me. The devil has not yet appeared on the monitor is off. Apparently he realized that smells of fried …

From it sounded just one question — who are you?. I

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