Do Ukraine of the Russian Federation?

After President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych said that Moscow and Kiev have agreed that our homeland will finish the cruiser "Ukraine", a discussion ensued about how the country will join the fleet this ship and whether it is the Russian Navy.

"It is very difficult to understand who ship needs now — said the news agency" New Region "Head of the analytical department of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis Alexander Hramchihin. — I will, for our fleet, which fell to the abuses at the moment is that of the cruiser becomes useless. We need to start, so

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Human rights organization For Human Rights was evicted from office in the center of Moscow

Text:Russia Today

Moscow authorities have stated that human rights expired lease, and asked them to leave. However, staff movements have refused to comply. As a result, the building was required to release a group of riot police. The opposition has already announced raider attacks.


It became known that the Moscow authorities intend to evict the building of a human rights organization in the Small Kislovsky Lane in connection with the termination of the lease. However, the leader of the movement "For Human Rights" Lev Ponomarev said the illegality of these actions, after

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Right to a homeland

Who fell in the Great Patriotic dedicated.

I know that the Russian government offered a program to take them home plucked from their homeland of compatriots. Press alerted that the Kaliningrad region is in need of working hands and waiting for them to return to Germany, because that is where there was a meeting of senior officials from the Russian hostage-mi adjustment (zarabitchanami in foreign countries). The meeting took place a few years ago. What and pro-HLA, typing his latest article with the same title as this one, in one of the magazines in Italy. Since the

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In China, the raging rainstorms, tropical storm in the Philippines. Video


25.06.11.Silnye rainfall in south-western China, have become victims of the elements 26. From the flooded areas were evacuated 250,000 people. To the rescue operation have already connected the military. Floods and landslides hit 90 cities in different provinces of the country with a population of 4 million people. According to preliminary calculations, the economic damage from the raging elements was already a quarter billion dollars.

A tropical storm covered the Philippines' Meara. " The speed of wind gusts reached 90 miles per hour. Were missing for more than ten people. Nearly 100,000 people in the country homeless. Due

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Need a severe pullback back

The last chief of the Head of Staff of the Army sharply criticized the outcome of Anatoly Serdyukov

Gaze: Yuri Dmitrievich what you think of it, when they learned on Mon Serdyukov's resignation?

Yuri Boukreev: The decision on the withdrawal of overripe Serdyukov long time ago. He's not special, it does not have a clue about what was appointed to manage. He came in order to damage the system. And he's headed for this. The army in a terrible state.

Gaze: What, in your opinion, can be expected in connection with the mission Sergei Shoigu on the job?

JB: It's

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A long time ago mankind explores the cosmos, which led to extraordinary discoveries. Scientists and researchers have learned many things as before, and no wonder — the device of our galaxy and the universe, flight and landing of the rover on Mars.

Thoughts and dreams of flying to other star systems have become more realistic, but the flight to another galaxy is time-consuming, making such flights is almost impossible for a person. All this has led to what scientists think about the possibility of realizing technology, by which it would

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Prospects project Zumwalt destroyers

It looks like the South American armed forces are experiencing far not the best times in our own history. Link to new technologies requests the development of new areas and the creation of modern military technology. But financiers municipal level do not share these goals. Motivate them more finansovlozheniya this very latest technology. And they, in turn, with each new project grow and shrink not collected. Now a storm of criticism was the hope of the U.S. Navy — class destroyers Zumwalt. According to the specs, the ships with the nickname «invisible silver bullets» are a real superweapon fleet.

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Fires in Yakutia and the Arkhangelsk region. Video


15.07.11.V Yakutia due to strong natural fires introduced a state of emergency.

This was announced by the head of the republic Yegor Borisov. The region sent additional forces MOE, including amphibious aircraft Be-200.

As ITAR-TASS reported the press service of the Far Eastern Regional Emergency Center, the burning hearths pilots Be-200 will be reset for each flight of tens of tons of water.

Rescue officers sent from Khabarovsk in the most problematic areas of Yakutia. In May and June of this year, they have worked in the area of the Republic of Sakha Churapcha, they had put out

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In the anomalous zone disappeared persons




From the area of the ridge Medveditskaia have a new disturbing news: in February 2004, is missing from another tourist. Recall that the "Kosmopoisk" strongly opposed to the most dangerous places were uncontrolled influx of tourism and all volunteers are invited to participate in joint expeditions. However,

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Team of workers poisoned by hydrogen sulfide in the mine


22.06.11.Vchera in Engels, Saratov region during repair work in the mine sewage pumping station were poisoned workers CBM "Pokrovsk-Heat." As reported in the police, accident happened at 10.20 in the village of takeoff. As a result of poisoning 52-year-old man died on the spot, his 58-year-old team-mate admitted to CRH. A third worker, who tried to save them, as the poisoning hospitalized.

Officially, the workers had violated safety.

Source: Look-info

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